Sometimes you find things you werent even looking for

Britney and Bliss were unseperable from the age of twelve. They were best friends because they knew what it felt like, what it felt like to be staving, to be in pain, to be abused, what it felt like to have their heart swallowed whole by the monster of abuse. But their heart wasnt all darkness their was one light at the end of the tunnel , Bliss's Grandma but when their flame is exstingwished who will be their Garden Angel now.


37. Tour and vacation


Ring....ring....ring "louis answer your fricking phone." I whin as I wake to the sound of Louis's phone going off. "Louis." I say "For god shake louis." I say annoyed as I wiggle out of Louis grip to answer his phone. "Hello." I say annoyed and tired into the phone. "Louis?" "No genius its his girlfriend Bliss." "Ohh hi Bliss its Paul can you please put Louis on the phone." "He's alseep." "Can you wake him up please." "I already tried." "Morning babe whos on the phone." Louis mumbled wrapping his arms around my wrist." Oh 1 sec paul he just woke up." I said into the phone then handing it to louis.


##after phone call##
"Babe." I said turning to Bliss. "What." She mumbled into the pillow. "Umm well umm." I stuttered. "Spit it out." Bliss mumbled again. "Tomorrow me and the boys are leaving for tour." I said then bitting my lip waiting for her response. "Cool ." She said getting up and walking away.


I walked down stairs to see that me and louis were the only ones not up already. Kara was on the couch, Niall was eating, Harry was sitting in the middle on the floor playing on his phone and Liam was on the other couch with Zayn. "What the hell are you doing Harry. " I asked him. "Good morning to you to." "Bliss" kara yelled from the couch. "What" i yelled back as I got a pice of toast off Niall's plate. "Hey thats mine." He said looking up. "Umm no its my bread, my toaster and my butter so its mine." I replied sitting in between Zayn and Liam. "Did you know the boys are going on tour tomorrow." Kara asked. "Yeah." At the moment Louis strolled down the stairs and walked into the lounge room, picking me up then sitting in my spot with me on his lap. "Ohh thanks babe." He said taking my toast out of my hands. " So what do you guys want to do today." He asked. " what about a movie day." Harry said looking up from his phone. We all agreed and started watching movies.


We had watched 3 movies so far and now the boys wanted to watch a horror Bliss and I reall didn't want to but we were out numbered. It was the 15 minuets into the movie and Bliss was already buried into Louis's chest and I was cuddling Niall pretty close I took me eyes off the screen and looked over at Bliss and Lou. They were so cute together. I could tell Bliss was scared by the look on her face she looked up at Louis, he whispered something in her ear and kissed her forehead before they went back to watching the movie. I looked up at Niall, he noticed and smiled at me before kissing my cheek. He was so cute and I loved him for that.


##the next day##
"Do you really have to go." I sobbed into Louis's shirt as we said our goodbyes at the airport. "I'm sorry babe but i have to go." I didn't reply I just continued to cry. I looked over at Kara who was crying into Niall's shirt as well. "I got to go babe." Louis spoke up." But I don't want to let go." I said looking up at him. "I love you Bliss and don't you forget that ok?." "I love you too." I said letting go of his torso. "Last call for flight number 3835" The loud speaker boomed. "Bye babe." Louis said pecking my cheek before running down the terminal with the other boys. I walked over to Kara and hugged her. We stood there for about 5 minuets just crying. "Do you want to stay at my place tonight." I asked her as we pulled apart. "Yeah if its ok with you." "Of corse babe come on." I said as we walked towards the front entrance. We got in a cab and headed home.

###later that night###

We just finished a 3 hour long video chat with the boys and now we were just laying around the house. "I miss them." I spoke up. "Me too." Kara agreed. "Hey I'm gonna go to bed I'll see ya tomorrow ok?" I said. "Ok night. "Night" i said walking up the stairs and climbing into bed. I laid there thinking. I wondering if Louis misses me as much as I miss him? It feels weird not having him here next to me does he feel like this? All these questions ran though my mind as I drifted off to sleep. I woke to the blinding light coming in form the open window. I hauled out of bed and walked down stairs. Kara was already up and sitting at the table. "Hey." I said sadly missing the boys. "I miss them." She replied. "Me too."

####two months later####


They had been gone two months now and I miss like crazy especially Louis. We skyped and talked on the phone every day but it still wasn't the same. "Kara" I yelled from the kitchen because she hadn't left. "Yeah" she mumbled walking in. "I wanna see them." I said looking down. "Ok we'll skype them then." She said opening the lap top. "No i wanna see them in person." I whispered tearing up. "Ok call paul then." She said hugging me. I didn't reply i just picked up the phone and dialed paul's number. By the end of the call we had arranged to surprise them at their next concert, tomorrow night. BLISS'S P.O.V

We walked out of the terminal and were surrounded my paparazzi. I grabbed Kara's arm and pushed through the crowd. When we got out of the crowd we ran to the taxi zone and rushed off to the venue. I looked at my phone it was 7:00 pm so we had missed the first 30 minuets but that was the plan. We pulled up to the venue and went to meet Paul at the back door. He let us in and we stood on the wing out of the audience's view but not the boys if they looked the right way. The boys were placed area the stage and the hadn't seen us yet. It was louis's solo but he wasn't the happy and energy filled person he usually was he was looking at the floor, with red puffy eyes so I guess he had been crying. As he sang the last line of his solo the tears formed in his eyes slowly rolled down his cheek. I hated seeing him upset it kills me. Tears started flowing down my cheeks. "And the tears stream down my face.." He turned his head and caught sight of me. He looked confused for a second than ran to me. He lifted me up and span around, by this stage all the boys were now looking at us. Kara stepped out from behind us and ran to Niall. Louis looked at me, he kissed my cheeks ."I love you." He whispered. "I love you too."
Next day ~
I woke up to Louis looking at me and lightly singing little things. I smiled and pecked his lips. 'Hey bliss me and the boys were wondering if you and Kara want to go with us to Florida as a vacation?' 'I would love to! When are we leaving? Oh I'll ask Kara!' 'No worry love Niall is taking care of Kara.' I just laughed. I hugged lou. He was a bit surprised but the hugged me back. Then he rolled on top of me. I giggled and pulled his head in and kissed him. I could stay like this for a while. But of course the boys and Kara burst threw the door. 'Did she say... Oh,' Harry smirked. 'Shut up hazza,' Louis sounds mad but not really. 'Yes she did say yes and we are leaving tomorrow.' Kara and I Squealed.
Next day~
We were already. We were waiting for our flight to be called. I was on my phone looking at all the hate on twitter and stuff. Louis was telling me that none of that's stuffs true. Zany Liam and Harry are on their phone and Kara and Niall are cuddling and talking to each other. I put my phone away and sighed. Why am I getting all the hate? Why did I Deserve this? What did I do? What did I do wrong? I just lost my thought when the Announcer announced a flight. We got up and gave the guy our tickets and went on the plane.
-skips ride-
We got off the plane. We got a cab to where we were staying at. 'Wow Louis you didn't tell me we were staying at our place and plus its right on the beach!' 'I wanted to surprise you babe.' I smiled and placed my lips on his. We pulled up into the drive way and got out luggage out. Louis got the keys out of his pocket and opened the door. I laughed because he barley made it in carrying two of my luggages and his. I was carrying my other one. Louis told us out rooms and we got up and unpacked. Louis said he was starving so he went downstairs. I pulled out one of my Bikinis and skirt that stops in the mid of your thigh and then has a cover it and then it has a long tail in the back. I threw that one and walked out on to the Balcony, and surprisingly there's stairs that leads to the beach. It was late about 6.
No ones pov~
The sky was a pinkish red color. The wind blowing light but enough to get a bit cold. Bliss was walking the beach. The wind blowing in her hair. The tail of her skirt peacefully flowing in the air. Her eyes closed talking a deep breath smelling the ocean, the air, and the world in General. She was thinking how lucky she was to be dating Louis, have amazing friends, to be here, and to get away from all the stress back home. She took one more deep breathe than Realized all good moments come to a end. She was aimless walking the beach thinking how much better her life gotten. She was thinking about how Louis didn't Deserve a messed up girl like her. She was thinking wasn't pretty, smart, talented, funny, and nice. Her thoughts were Disturbed by some boys playing volleyball. She saw one guy checking her put but she didn't return the favor to him. He frowned, so he ran up to her. 'Hey I'm Owen,' he said to her smiling holding his hand out. 'Im bliss nice to meet you,' she said shaking his hand. He felt something in his body that he didn't know how to explain but she didn't feel one thing because she in deeply in love with Louis. 'Well I gotta go,' she said quietly so he could just leave. 'Can I have your number?' 'Uh no sorry I have a boyfriend,' that moment he felt his heart rip. that was his first time he felt love at first sight. But he knew that he would give up that easily. He knew that he is going to have her. Bliss walked back to the house. She just sat in the sand looking at the beautiful sunset. She had a small smile plastered on her face. She thought how peaceful and calm it was hear. She was just sitting then when she heard Louis Frantically yell her name. She sighed she didn't want this moment to end. It was peaceful quite and calm. Louis walked out on the balcony, he saw her sitting in the sand with her knees curled up to her body. She was just staring at the lifeless ocean. He walked down the stairs and went to join her. 'Peaceful isn't it?' He asked her, she just nodded not wanting to ruin the moment she had before e joined. He got the sense that she just wants to sit in silence so that what they did. Just sat there looking at the ocean and all the waves crashing on to the shore of the beach. It got about colder than earlier so Louis went inside and got one of his coats and placed it on bliss's back. She turned her head and smiled at him. She softly placed her lips on his. She thought it was really Passionate same as Louis. She pulled off the kiss an laid her head in Louis's lap. A few minutes later bliss fell asleep. Louis got up and picked her up. He carried her in the house and softly placed her on the bed. He got on the bed to. He pulled the covers over them both and just laid there until his eyes closed.
Hey guys! Bliss did the first part which is the Beginning until the part that says 'next day' (:. Feedback?!! I would love it! Thanks guys(:
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