Sometimes you find things you werent even looking for

Britney and Bliss were unseperable from the age of twelve. They were best friends because they knew what it felt like, what it felt like to be staving, to be in pain, to be abused, what it felt like to have their heart swallowed whole by the monster of abuse. But their heart wasnt all darkness their was one light at the end of the tunnel , Bliss's Grandma but when their flame is exstingwished who will be their Garden Angel now.


12. The truth hurts


"Thanks love" Liam said crawling to his feet. "Any time babe" I replies kissing him on the cheek. "Hey Im going to bed night Harry" i said walking into Liam, me and Louis's room. I walked into the room closed the door behind me and was about to get changed when I heard them say my name so I did what anyone would so and pressed me ear up against the wall to listen. "Harry thank you so much for explaining to Bliss about Danielle." "Your lucky to have her so look after her. Shes special, shes pretty without trying, can put up with crazed fans and still love you. Shes one in a million Liam don't lose her." oh shit he's coming I thought as I heard footsteps coming towards the door I went to move but it was too late he saw me. "Can I help you babe" he questioned while looking at me." Im fine" I said smiling like a mad person. "oh really" he said moving towards me before kissing me repeatedly before they got deeper and longer. But of couse Louis had to burst though the door. "Ok just interrupted some thing bye" he said while opening, taking one step forward, turning back around and walking out the door again. It must have looked like something because I was up against the wall with one arm around Liam's neck and the on his cheek while Liam had one hand on my hips and the other against the wall supporting him up. "God he's a twit " i say to Liam pulling away from the kiss. "I know" he said moving his hands to my waist. I broke off and walked towards the bathroom and while i was walking i grabbed my bag. "yeah where are you going" Liam asked sounding quite disappointed. "To have a shower" "Fine" he mumbled sadly.

########next morning#######

Yes of course i will marry you Liam
No no dam i woke up again. I rolled over to face Liam, dam he still beautiful even when hes sleep. After 5 minutes of watching him sleep I realized I was hungry. I slowly walked down the stairs and into kitchen to make eggs and bacon. SHIT, i mentally slapped myself. Where is she, i can believe i don't realize it, what happened to her, am i just imaging it, was she up stairs with Zayn . All this went through my mine as I ran up the hall way hoping and praying that she was in the other room with Zayn. I swung the door open and but to only see Zany alone is his bed. "Zayn get your ass up, where is she, she was my best friend, no wait she was more than that we had a bond thicker than blood , now im going to ask you one more time WHERE IS SHE." i scream as i sit on his stomach with my hands clenching his shirt tight. "what" he whispered tiredly. "WHERE IS SHE, WHERE IS BRITNEY." i screamed again. " don't know." "what don't i know" "Britney died " he said slowly and quietly. "WHAT NO SHE CANT BE SHES NOT I NEEDED HER JUST I NEEDED NAN ZAYN DON'T DO THIS WHERE...WHERE IS SHE." I screamed while smashing my hands in fists into his chest. "Bliss whats wrong love, what did he do Zayn" Liam said while yelling the end part while picking up off Zayn and pulling me in close. "Liam please tell me hes lying that its not true, please" i whispered into his chest. "I...Im so sorry Bliss but hes telling the truth" "" I yelled while shaking Liam off "She cant be I love her." I said backing away from Liam."come on love come here." he said spreading his arms out waiting for me to hug him. "No ...g..get away from me NO" i screamed running out the door and back to Liam, Louis and mines room. I grabbed my bag and run in the bathroom. I got changed out of Liam's shirt and swapped it for a black hoodie with white writing, my blue rippled jeans with my pink polk a dot converses. I run out the bathroom crying then threw his shirt on the bed and run out the door. Down the hallway and out the hotel then stopped. Fuck i thought where do i go from here, i cant stay here and going home is not an option. I got it then took off walking in the direction of the airport.

######after trip to air port#####

"Hi one ticket to america please" i said trying to not to cry. "Sure" the lady behind the desk said. Once I brought my ticket I took a seat in the area where you wait for your plane to board I guessed i had to make that phone the one I dreaded more than when I call Liam. Its not that i didn't like my sister its just that I hadn't seen her in like 7 years. My thoughts were broken by the ringing sound echoing through my mine. I didn't even realize I had dialed her number. "Hello"
"Umm hi, this is Bliss, am i speaking to Hannah"
"umm hi im coming to America and i was wondering if i could stay at yours for a bit I will explain when I get there"
"Umm sorry who is this"
"Its Bliss your sister"
"Oh sorry hi, umm sure I will pick you up from the airport what time does your plane land"
"umm 2 am its a bit early"
"Its ok i will see you then"
After we said our goodbyes I decided I should text Liam.
To Liam
Hi babe sorry but I cant do this any more. So please go back to england just remember I loved you and always will.
"Plane number 2279 to America is now boarding." the lady's voice boomed over the loud speaker.
Now or never i thought as I slowly grabbed my duffel bag and made my way towards the plane terminal. Bye Liam, Bye Australia. I sighed as I leaned my head against the cold window of the plane. I felt a sudden shift in weight next to me. CRAP
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