Sometimes you find things you werent even looking for

Britney and Bliss were unseperable from the age of twelve. They were best friends because they knew what it felt like, what it felt like to be staving, to be in pain, to be abused, what it felt like to have their heart swallowed whole by the monster of abuse. But their heart wasnt all darkness their was one light at the end of the tunnel , Bliss's Grandma but when their flame is exstingwished who will be their Garden Angel now.


5. Shut Up


Please, no, it cant be true, i wont let myself believe it. She was the only person who didn't want to harm me physically or mentally, she was the only person me and Britney could trust, feel safe with, the only light at the end of the long, endless tunnel but now she's gone who will be our saving grace now.

"Please don't leave me, we love you, we need you" i scream with each word stinging the back of my throat. "Why aren't you listening to me, please god please." I spit out after running 2 blocks into a park filled with green hills, wide open spaces   which just made me feel all the more lonely. In the distance i can hear a car pull up but it's properly just a family visiting the park. I hear the loud bang of a car door slamming to a close "how far can you run" i heard a hot British accent say that sounded vaguely familiar "I been doing it all my life so... I guess i got pretty good at it" i responded without even lifting my head from my hands and continued to weep "A pretty face shouldn't be ruined by tears love" the voice said again as he lifted my head with one of his soft, warm, muscular hands and with the other he wiped my tears from my cheek the was speeding down my bright red cheeks with his thumb. "I better get back.... Britney's properly getting worried" i said trying to change the subject before he asked me what was wrong because i would just blurt everything out when suddenly his voice interrupted my thoughts "Do you mean the same Britney who was freaking out when you left her and is now cuddling up to Zayn in the back of the car" as he said that he tilted his head to look over his shoulders, I looked back as well and sure enough their was Britney cuddling up to a tan, boy with black hair who had a stripe of blonde running up the side of his head, he was a dashing young bloke as Britney would say. "What has she said to you" i said panicking as a result of the possibility  that  she might have told them everything about our parents, about the plane everything  "She been too  busy crying to say anything, you really scared her " He said with his voice filled with sympathy " Is there something i should know?" Liam questioned as he slowly moved a strand of hair off my face as i lifted my head "No .... I better get going its getting dark and i don't want to be keeping you" "Love, right now the world doesn't even matter." I started to sob into his shirt when  I felt a strong, warm arm wrap around my waist and picked me up bride style, i slowly slid my hands from his chest  to around his neck. He walks to the car with me still in his arms and my hands still clenched around his neck, i was still sobbing. He opened the car door and places me on someones lap but I still didn't open my eyes "Hey, stop trying to steal my girl!" I heard Liam yelled  "It's not my fault she know's what she wants". Another British accent proclaimed i looked up to see a a median height, boy with long messy, brown curls that cover his face, i slowly move one of the curls off the his face to revile stunning green eyes that seem to be sparkling, thats when I was suddenly pulled away from that boy and lifted on to Liam's lap but not in a sexual way but in a caring way. And for the first time i looked at him, his perfect smile with pearly white teeth and a sweet and caring smile, gorgeous deep brown eyes and his beautiful short brunette hair. He looked at me and smiled, i smiled back  "Hey did you sign my phone case?" i asked trying not to come across as staring still with tears in my red, puffy eyes. "couse" and with that he pulled out my dark, purple phone case that now has Liam signed on it in big letters. "thanks" i say as a response to the case. We spend the rest of the car ride in silence, I was secretly hoping it would never end because when it does I knew that i would have to say goodbye to the only person who  i truly felt safe, just like i did in grandma's.5 minutes later the car stopped, Britney was still asleep in Zayn's arms i guess she felt the same way as i did about being safe. "Oh, sorry girls what hotel are you staying in I'll drive you there" Liam said as we pulled up. I was still trying to figure out what to say when Britney mumbled something while she was half asleep  "What was that love?"Zayn asked while stroking Britney's hair  "We don't have a hotel or money we run away" she said as turned her head on Zayn's chest. "Britney...... Shut up don't tell them that" i snapped at her. "what is she talking about?" Liam asked with worry in my eyes   "Nothing.... I....I have to go."i said as i scrambled out the car door forgetting about Britney completely. "Bliss wait Bliss" i heard  Liam accent call "all that girl does is run" i heard Harry mumble. But i didn't stop running. Suddenly i felt a shocking pain go through ankle and collapse on the cement path in pain. In less than a minute Liam is by my side "do me a favor and just stop running  ok i know you can do it and are good at it but please stop running and talk to me." I finally gave in "what do you want to know" "Im not going to ask any questions but please just stay at my place for tonight  we will figure it out in the morning."  I finally gave up and tried to get up but soon fell back down again "I....I can't" i said to Liam who was above me with his hand out waiting to help me up "Come on no one will judge you." "No I honestly can't move i think i sprained my ankle" He let out a chuckle and scooped me up bride style "It's not funny" i said while i playful hit him. He carried me back to the entrance of the hotel, even while he was at the front desk and up the stairs to the suite .

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