Sometimes you find things you werent even looking for

Britney and Bliss were unseperable from the age of twelve. They were best friends because they knew what it felt like, what it felt like to be staving, to be in pain, to be abused, what it felt like to have their heart swallowed whole by the monster of abuse. But their heart wasnt all darkness their was one light at the end of the tunnel , Bliss's Grandma but when their flame is exstingwished who will be their Garden Angel now.


31. Month later

Month later-(catch up)

Bliss's pov~
Ill catch you up. Ok I work at Starbucks and my bro Jessie left to go to America for like a few years for a business trip. I dyed my hair blonde, I live in Jessie's apartment and I got a boyfriend his name is Cody people say he is a dickhead and stuff that's only true when you piss him off. Oh yeah I'm going to college now. It's called 'Arts and Performing College.' Don't ask it's just what they named it. Cody drives and walks me to college everyday and I work after college.
-back to present-
'Heres your order,' I smiled. I pulled my hair back into a ponytail and fixed my name tag. I waited about five minutes until the next customers. It was a group of boys and one girl. They were all wearing jack wills hoodies and sunglasses. They were all laughing and joking around. It hit me I'm remember them.. Oh great what am I gonna do now. I took out my ponytail and tried to hide my name tag. It looks like they are fine without me.. I sighed and waited for them to order. 'Hey I use to know someone named bliss but she had a purple strip in her hair,' the guy at the end of the pack. Louis I missed him but then again I hate him. 'Hi Louis.' 'Wait how do you... OMG BLISS?' 'Yeah now go away before you get me fired.' He looked hurt. 'Heres your order now go I'm gonna get fried if I keep talking.' 'I would like to see you again look I'm really sorry.' 'No Louis screw you my life just got back on track and FYI I already have another boyfriend.' He looked hurt again. 'Hey baby,' I saw Cody walking in. 'Hi Cody,' I ran over to him and gave him a hug and a kiss. 'Ready for lunch?' 'Mhm let me tell my boss,' I ran to her office and told her I was going on break.
Louis's pov~
Man I screwed up bad. Her words hurt. Ill tell you what happened over that month. Everyone got mad at each and went crazy. Niall and Kara are dating now. But their not serious or girlfriend and boyfriend just dating. Liam keeps trying to apologize to Kara but she won't forgive him. I cry myself to sleep every night because I was a dumb twat to her. Everyone hasn't been themselves since she left. Kara feels lonely to because she is the only girl.
Bliss's pov~
I came back and walked with Cody to where every we were going. 'Hey babe where are we going to eat?' 'I will get nandos and bring it back to your house?' 'Ok see you in 30?'
Louis's pov~
I ditched the group and followed bliss. I saw that Cody guy walk towards nandos. I saw bliss go in a different location. I followed her. I saw where she lives so I went back to find the group.
Cody's pov~
I'm not going her house in thirty minutes I'm getting drunk that's for sure. I got to a bar and order drink after drink. I ha about 10-15 I could say I'm drunk. Not fully. After like five more i deiced it was time and walked back to bliss's apartment. I wobble every where. When I reached her apartment I just walk right in. I saw her sitting on the couch walking tv. 'Babe you are ok? Why are you drunk?' 'Shut up you whore and get down.' She didn't and looked at me confused. I got over by her and pulled her hair down and I unzipped my pants. I pulled it out and shoved her mouth on to it. That's right she is giving me a blow job. Well I'm forcing her. But it feels really good. I hear gagging. 'Shut up or ill really make you hurt,' i hissed. She kept gagging to I pulled her hair and threw her on the ground. I started to kick her in the stomach, every where. 'Now you learned your lesson see you tomorrow,' I smirked and walked out of her room and slammed the door. I put my stuff back in and walked out of the apartment and went home.
Bliss's pov~
He wasn't answering his phone. I got worried. I was about to call him again when he walked him. You could smell the alcohol on his breath. Great not again. This happened one time before and he just made me give him a hand job and that's it. But he didn't beat me the last time. It's not my fault I as gagging! He was shoving my face on his dick! I cried after he left it I was happy that her left.
Cody's pov~
I'm gonna get drunk tomorrow. Just for the pleasure.
Louis's pov~
I am gonna stop by bliss apartment tomorrow and talk to her.
Bliss's pov~
I got up and put my usual stuff on and drove to school. After school I got to went to Starbucks. Might I say BORING! I wanted back home and I shut the door and got some food. 'Hey bliss baby.' When I heard his voice I got a bit scared. You could still smell alcohol on his breath but it is stronger than yesterday. He did the same as yesterday. He pulled my hair and whipped it out and made me give him a blow job. After that he put it away and grabbed me by my hair into the front room. I screamed in pain. 'SHUT UP YOU BITCH!' I tired to but it hurt. He stopped pulling me and got on me and started punching me in the face. He got off and kicked me several times. I heard the door open but he didn't. I saw Louis's face in disgust and horror. He ran and threw Cody off me. Cody got up and jumped on knee cap and it snapped I heard it. I screamed it pain. I saw Louis kick his ass tho. 'AND YOU DON'T DO THAT TO GIRLS YOU LITTLE TWAT IF I EVER SEE YOU HERE AGAIN ILL KILL YOU!!!!!,' Louis screamed. He ran for my phone. He called someone and hung up.
Louis's pov~
I was walking to bliss's apartment. I got up to her floor and heard screaming. I walked up to the door the noise was coming from. I opened the door. I saw a guy beating up this girl when I got a better look it was bliss and Cody. I lost it. I went crazy and started a fight with him. ''AND YOU DON'T DO THAT TO GIRLS YOU LITTLE TWAT IF I EVER SEE YOU HERE AGAIN ILL KILL YOU!!!!!,' I screamed. I called 911 and they came and picked up bliss. I called called the boys and told them what happened. They were horrified. 'Louis Tomlinson?' I got up and walked over to the doc.'im sorry but she will...'
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Hey guys thanks for reading(: bliss helped<3 I would love some feedback? And I would like if you guys would read my new book call 'I want you to rock me,' and as u see I changed my name to (:
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