Sometimes you find things you werent even looking for

Britney and Bliss were unseperable from the age of twelve. They were best friends because they knew what it felt like, what it felt like to be staving, to be in pain, to be abused, what it felt like to have their heart swallowed whole by the monster of abuse. But their heart wasnt all darkness their was one light at the end of the tunnel , Bliss's Grandma but when their flame is exstingwished who will be their Garden Angel now.


9. Let go


We arrive in Brisbane, Australia at 7:30 in the morning and Britney was so tired she couldn't even walk so I had to carry her to the taxi while trying to carry the bags as well. I drop her down on a seat while I throw the bags in the taxi. I place her gently down in the car and tell the driver the name of the hotel the boys insist that we stay at. 10 minutes later we pull up at an amazing hotel with marble steps leading up to to a fancy white and gold building with the hotel name printed in gold cursive. "wow, boys you've really out done yourself." I whisper to myself while admiring the building the boys have sent us to. I pay the diver and haul Britney out of the taxi and lean her up against the wall of the hotel and go grab the bags from the car. Suddenly a median height boy with cole black hair and a nose ring that you wouldn't other wise notice if you weren't standing next to him. "Here let me take these to your room what number are you." he spoke with an american accent."Oh umm thanks we're in suite 149." I replied, checking the suite number off the text Liam sent me with the hotel and room number.
After the boy, Alex, took our bags to our suite I carried  Britney up the stairs , into the elevator and finally into the suite I throw her on the bed and crashed out on bed as well. 
"Shhh don't wake them up" "shes even beautiful  when shes asleep" "I said Shhh" I heard people say in hushed tones although  because I was tired I couldn't identify who the voices belonged to. I opened my eyes I couldn't see their faces all I could see was a blurry outline of their figures.They was 5 large and muscular figures. I screamed thinking it was him, I can't even his name without breaking down in tears. "Shhh calm down love its me Liam." one of the voices said." Liam" i asked "yes love" he replied " I hate you" i said playful and hitting him in the arm." why" he asked confused " CAUSE YOU JUST GAVE ME A HEART ATACK" I yelled at him "Oh sorry" he apologized." Its ok, Im glad to see you." I said before kissing him on the lips and pulling away. "I haven't seen you in what feels like forever and thats all?" he asked a bit surprised. " Yeah well I have to go get ready" I said while sitting up and walking into the bathroom. " Zany" i yelled from the bathroom "can you wake Britney up and tell her to get ready thank you" 5 minutes later Britney walked in soaking wet. I think i know how they woke her up. I tried to hind the laughter but I just couldn't I broke out in laughter which was the wrong choice because she started chasing me so I ran around the bathroom and out the door not noticing i was in my bra and undies. "ok i should be seeing this" i heard Niall shout "Oh my carrots" louis announced. "SHIT"  I yelled. I kept running than stopped when I saw the  boys they all were wearing suits with different color roses in the breast pockets Liam had a white rose, Louis had baby blue, Zayn had red, Niall yellow and Harry had pretty violet color rose but they were also wearing something strange. I walked up to Liam and throw my arms around his strong shoulders. "Well don't you look handsome ." I said while kissing him on the cheek. " Not as good as you." he said cheekily "shut up" i said placing my head on his chest." hey wants with the rain coats" "well we  guessed there would be tears" "There is no way you are coming dressed in a rain coat" "fine"
He said taking it off. I slowly took my arms off his shoulders and walked back to the bathroom to finish getting dressed. I slipped into my dress, which was a black boob-tube with a black lace T-shirt collared piece over the top with black patterned fish net stockings, I let my chocolate brown, blonde and red median length hair fall into natural curls down my back. While walking out I was trying to do up the top button of my dress when I was in gulped with wow's and oh my gods "What, what wrong with it" I started to panic "Love you've done it" Liam said as if he was stunned while walking up to me and placing his hands on my waist."What, what did I do Liam tell me" i said whinning while pulling him hands off my waist and holding them. "you look even more gorgeous than the day I met you." "Oh shut up" " No Bliss he's right look." Britney started then stopped as if she was searching for the right words "you look stunning"  Harry finally spoke up. " Thanks" I said looking down and for some reason I could feel myself blushing. We began walking out the door when I remembered, stopped and started walking back into the room. "Are you Ok Bliss." Harry said, suddenly appearing in the door way. "yeah Im looking for my ring." I replied still searching for it. "And what might this ring look like." "it's a knuckle ring that says 'Internal Bliss' across it made from black colored metal" "so this ring." he said spinning it around his pointer finger. " Thanks" I said reaching for it. " No so fast..... You can have it if you say ........Harry is a sexy beast" "Umm no give me the ring" "Ummm no say it" he copied my tone while stretching his arm out higher than my reach "Fine Harry is a sexy beast" he finally gave me the ring. We stepped outside the hotel room. I slipped off my high heels as Harry locked the door than turned to him "Not" i yelled after picking up my shoes. I took off running down  the stairs, through the lobby and jumped into Liam's arms. "Babe are you ok." Liam said panicking. "Harry's after me.... HELP." I managed to spit out while breathing heavily. He put me down and stepped in front of me. Harry came speeding out the doors with a huge grin. "Back off Harry nobody's even gonna hurt her again." he said with a smile looking back at me. "Aww Liam." I said before kissing him. " sorry to interrupt but we have to go." Britney said leaning out the door and leaning across Zayn in her black, one-sleeved cocktail dress with silver jews all over the sleeve and black stockings. 

#####after trip to funeral ######

We walked down the path made from pebbles into a beautiful garden and although I was extremely sad I had a smile because I didn't have to face realty alone, I had Liam, Britney, Zany, Niall, Louis and Harry then I saw him the face who hunted my dreams, the man who's name brought tears to my eyes, the man who made my heart pound so loud I can heard it.I stopped and dropped to the ground "I......i cant do this Liam" "Hey ....hey look at me,don't give  him the satisfaction of doing this to you." He said kneeling down beside me with his hands gently placed on my cheeks  so i cant look at him. He helps me up and continues walking  holding my hand, I could feel the tears falling from my eyes and making their way down my cheek. We sat down and Liam brought his hand up and for that split second I thought he was going to hit me even though I knew he wouldn't still felt like he was going to. I quickly looked over to robert while Liam's hand was at eye height, Robert was grinning as if to say someone will all was be there to put you in your place. But instead he wiped the tears that were rolling down my cheek. While people spoke I wasn't listening I was remembering the one summer I spent with her we went to the beach, the feeling of the warm golden sand in between my toes, the warm clear blue water rushing against my body made me feel special like the waves were saying my name. The memory brought a smile to my face. But that disappeared when a tall, beautiful girl with straight brown hair appeared on the stage like platform this time I actually listened to her speech. "Many of you may be wondering who I am. Well Im Amberlyn and Nancy meant as such to me as she did to you, she was the person I went to for everything, the boys, the break ups, the parties, everything and I wanted to thank her for that." and thats when I stopped listening. A few other people spoke and we sad our final goodbyes. I hate saying that,our final goodbyes, as this thought floated through my mind I started to cry harder and harder until I cracked, I fell to the floor in tears screaming and crying Liam tried many times to help me up but I refused to move and I didn't plan on moving when all of a sudden i was being lifted up bride style by Liam. He sat back down with me on his lap while he whispered to me that everything was going to be ok and other comforting things like that. He was also rubbing my back. I could hear Britney quietly crying on Zany's shoulder." Hey can we go now it ended 20 minutes ago" Louis complained. "Shut up Louis we will stay here for 20 days if the girls want to." Liam snapped at him. " Its ok I want to go back to Aunt Gina's house anyway." I said standing up from Liam's lap. I started walking back towards the car when a strong and dirty hand wrapped around my wrist pulling me back. "Liam let go." I said sadly while trying to shake him off gently. "Guess again sweetheart." The voice announced, but it wasn't a normal voice it was like nails down a chalkboard, it made my blood run as cold as ice. " Let go of me you sick bastard" i screamed hoping  he would let go but as always he didn't he just brought his hand hard across my face causing the tears that had already formed in my eyes to fall. And all I could do was watch the tear drops land and explode as it made contact with the cold, hard, white pavement. "What do you think you doing." Liam yelled with his voice full of anger and pure rage, by this time his face had lost all his original color and was now a glowing red. "Hey pretty boy why don't you mind your own business and you braid your hair or something." Robert snared while pulling me off the ground and into his arms."Let go Robert, what have I ever done to deserve this, Robert please." I begged. "Shut up you stupid girl" he yelled at me and punching me once more and that was it I was gone. I could flicker my eyes once more to see Louis and Niall holding Robert down while Harry was on the phone screaming at somebody who I guessed was an ambulance officer, Liam and that Amberlyn girl rushing over to me while Zayn  kinda looked lost and Britney was nowhere to be found.
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