Sometimes you find things you werent even looking for

Britney and Bliss were unseperable from the age of twelve. They were best friends because they knew what it felt like, what it felt like to be staving, to be in pain, to be abused, what it felt like to have their heart swallowed whole by the monster of abuse. But their heart wasnt all darkness their was one light at the end of the tunnel , Bliss's Grandma but when their flame is exstingwished who will be their Garden Angel now.


27. Kara!!!

Bliss's pov~
I saw Liam walking in with a girl. I got a bit jealous but it went away when Louis came by me. 'Hey guys this is Kara my girlfriend,' he said. Kara I remember that name from some were. "OMG Kara is that you?!?' I yelled. "Bliss?!!? OMG!' I ran up to and hugged her. 'Ok am I the only one that doesn't know what's going on?' Liam said. 'Haha I known Kara since first grade. She was my best friend.' 'Oh ok that explains a lot.' Liam and Louis said. 'Mhm,' we both laughed.
Kara's pov~
I walked in with my new boyfriend. The I saw this girl that seemed very familiar. Liam introduced me and then she spoke up saying 'Kara is that you OMG!' It's bliss I remember her from any where. 'OMG bliss is that you?!' I said. She ran up to me and hugged me. I laughed and hugged back. Liam was unconfused. We both told him we were best friends since first grade. Bliss took my to her room and we talked about everything. She told me about Reece and him dying thing. I felt bad for her. I told her about me and stuff. I said I'm in love with one direction. I love to flirty and I love sports and I loved to sing. Kinda the usual. We came down the stairs and saw all the boys watching a scary movie in the dark. I signaled bliss and she knew what I meant. We walked down the stairs and went behind the couch. At a scary part we both jumped up and screamed. Te boys went flying everywhere. Me and bliss laughed crazy! Liam and Louis piled us up and twirled us around. They put us down. Me and bliss water like we were drunk. Bliss was walking and ran into a walk. Everyone brushed out in laughing . Louis walked over by her. He carried her bridal styles and sat down on the couch. He kissed her forehead. They are so cute together. Liam grabbed my waist and turned me to face him. He planted his lips on mine angrily.
Bliss's pov~
After we talked we went downstairs and scared the boys. Liam and Louis picked me and Kara up and twirled us. We got really dizzy I ran into a wall. Louis picked me up and kissed my boo boos. We sat on the couch and watched the rest of the movie. Everyone fell asleep except me. I got up and took pictures of the sleeping and me doing weird stuff to them. I went into my room and changed into my pjs. I went downstairs for one last photo. I sat on Louis's lap and kissed him in the cheek. I got up but I felt arms grab me and pulled me down. It was Louis. He turned me around and smashed his lips on mine. I smiled. I got up and left him. I opened my door and saw....
Helped by bliss<3 hey guys I would like some feedback plz? Thanks guys :)
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