Sometimes you find things you werent even looking for

Britney and Bliss were unseperable from the age of twelve. They were best friends because they knew what it felt like, what it felt like to be staving, to be in pain, to be abused, what it felt like to have their heart swallowed whole by the monster of abuse. But their heart wasnt all darkness their was one light at the end of the tunnel , Bliss's Grandma but when their flame is exstingwished who will be their Garden Angel now.


6. I will be there

I woke to the sound of laughter and greeted by the smell of fresh pancakes. As i slowly arise from the bed Liam was met to be sleeping in, I stood up and headed towards the cause of the laughing. The reason why i was sleeping in Liam's bed was because by the time we got back to the hotel it was too late all the suites and rooms had been booked so Liam slept on the couch at the end of the bed and i slept in the bed that felt like heaven up against my bruised and broken body with its silk sheets, egyptian cotton pillow cases and the fluffy white blanket the cloaked the bed in warmth. When i reached the room with a navy blue leather couch in the middle of it everyone was all ready up "are you tried or what babe" Britney asked while sitting in Zayn's arms. "shut up" i mumbled tiredly while sitting down of the couch in between Britney and Harry. "Good morning beautiful" Harry responded as he put his strong, robust arm around me pulling me closer to him. I laid my head on his chest "Morning" "How did you sleep love" Liam asked "great, you" i replied. "I am never ever sleeping on that couch again it is the lumpiest, most uncomfortable couch ever made" he complained "Thats a shame because I'm not ever, ever giving up that bed" i replied and as I looked him in the eye i saw the look as if to say that-bed- is -mine and with that we took off down that hallway trying to get to the bed first. I was ahead or so i thought because i couldn't see him anywhere . All of a sudden he popped up out of nowhere so  I run straight into him bringing him and myself crashing down to the floor hard. "you injury me just so you can beat me to the bed. Thats cheating" i yell then look up to see why he stoped there was a maid standing there trying to change the sheets on the bed when she was staled  by me yelling and us falling, she tugged on the blanket and run out . Liam suddenly gently pushed me off him and he run towards the bed.I suddenly broke down into a fake cry and curled up into a ball on the floor, Liam comes over with a worried look in his deep brown eyes "are you ok love, i didn't hurt you did I" he asked helping me up off the floor, I run and jumped on to the bed and under the soft, warm blanket and sheets "Of couse not" i  said with a grin from ear to ear. "Are you kidding me?" he said while walking over to the side of the bed "move over" i shifted to the right "why" i asked "Cause i don't care if i have to share the bed with you or not i am not i repeat not sleeping on that couch ever ever again" he protested in his deep british accent. And with that I got up and headed for the door "Where are you going" he questioned me "To eat, I'm so hungry" i complained without turning my head. I walk into the kitchen area and made toast, covered it in butter and went to sit next to Britney on the couch with the others. After I had finish my toast I walked back into the kitchen and started to wash up everyones dishes when Britney walked in and sat on the bench and started talking " You know I really like him, Zayn and umm I guess he really likes me because he asked me out and I said yes so we're going on a, well a umm" "Date" i finished her sentence "Yeah" "Well i just two things to say 1 I am very disappointed that you didn't  consult me before answering and 2 well done, have fun, be safe and if he hurts you I chop him up into little pieces, make sushi and feed him to stray cats". I said in a serious tone and walked away, I was walking through the door way when i turned and say "Im joking about number 1 but not about number 2" still in my serious tone. 

####skip to dinner####

Britney and Zayn have just left and I think I scared him a bit because I told him  about the sushi if he ever hurts her. "So lads what should we do for dinner"Louis said completely forgetting I was there and I kind of thought he forgot who I was because when I was  sitting on the navy blue, soft leather couch  watching TV when he came in and screamed and because he screamed I screamed  so I was standing on the couch screaming at Louis when Harry and Niall walked in with a confused look on their faces "Louis what the hell are you doing" Niall said puzzled "Theres a hooker on the couch" Louis screamed " I'm not a hooker" i yelled still standing on the couch. That went on and on until Harry and Niall finally told him the story he remembered. "Umm what about Nando's" Niall yelled excitedly "How did i know" louis said walking into the kitchen to get his wallet off the bench. He turns, sees me and screams again "Louis   you've got stop doing that" i yelled with my hand over my heart to make sure I'm not having a heart attack. "oh sorry i forgot your staying here" "Mmm" i reply with a smile. With that he left and i heard the door close and  talking and laughing coming from the hall. Then footstep running back up the hallway but i didn't take any notice of them. I suddenly feel a pair of strong hands clench around my waist, i scream not hearing the door opened or shut "Sorry did i scare you love". Liam said in a caring way "No i just scream for fun" i replied sarcastically "Oh ok well are you coming sweetheart" he said cheerfully "Coming where" i said totally unaware of the plans the boys had made. "Dinner" "oh no I'm good" "Oh come on" He said trying to pull me out of the door "No" i yelled holding on to the door frame "Bliss" "Yes" "you are coming with me no matter what" he protested, while stop trying to pull me out the cream white door way, " i don't think so" i said letting go of the door "Well its a good thing i do" he said lifting me up over his strong, muscular shoulders "put me down" i screamed as he carried me  down the hall. " i hate you" i said as he put me down on the passenger seat in his red vintage mustang "Oh whatever love i saw that smile" he said as he took his seat in the drives seat and started the engine. "No i didn't smile" i protested "Yes you did" "no" "yes"  " no". we carried on like this till we arrived at Nando's . I undid my seat belt, walked in the doors saw the boys and sat down next to harry and Louis with Niall and Liam across from me.

##### back at the hotel after dinner###

"ok good night boys tell Britney I said hi when she gets back  thank you" i said running through the lounge room into Liam's room and jump in the bed under the covers. 2 seconds later Liam runs in "Oh what no come on I am not sleeping on the couch" I just pretend I'm asleep until he finally just climbs in the bed with me but of couse my phone has to go off right at that second. "Hello" i mumble into the phone. After 10 mins of arguing to the man on the other line, I finally hang up in tears. "babe whats wrong?" Liam asked clearly concern. "No, nothing" i said sniffling and wiping away tears away from my red and puffy eyes because i guess i had been crying for awhile but Liam had just woke up. "That's not true. Tell me , please" he said shuffling closer to me. I placed my head gently on his bare chest, i had just realize that he had no shirt on but this wasn't the time to flirt with him. "So guess start from the beginning" He nodded" well me and Britney are   
 from Brisbane city, Australia and our fathers were both abusive and both of our mothers were to quiet to say anything so one night we went to a party without our parents knowing so when we got home Robert, my father wasn't happy and kicked me in the stomach repeatedly and left these" i said lifting up my shirt to reveal about 8- 9 big, black, purple, yellow and brown bruises all over my torso. He grasped. "So I got fed up with no one but my grandmother caring about me so I run to Britney's house and heard screaming it turns out it was her because Karl her step dad didn't like the fact that she lied to him so he abused her and we run away, went to the air port booked a flight to London, saw girls running and it turns out they were running to you so we followed and met you." He looked shocked and didn't speak for a few minutes until he finally broke his silence "That doesn't explain the two phone calls" "Well the first one when i met you was saying that my Grandmother the only first in the world who didn't want to hurt me, who actually cared about me died she actually left me" i screamed while crying into his chest "It's ok love you got me now and i wont let anyone hurt you ever again." he whispered into my soft, wavy brown hair and then kissed my forehead. "And the second phone call was about her funeral and how Karl and Robert will be there and i have to go so soon i will have to go back" i said with my voice full of pain and sadness "You wont be alone love i will be there.......i will be there" he whispered into my hair as i fell asleep in his warm and caring arms.
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