Sometimes you find things you werent even looking for

Britney and Bliss were unseperable from the age of twelve. They were best friends because they knew what it felt like, what it felt like to be staving, to be in pain, to be abused, what it felt like to have their heart swallowed whole by the monster of abuse. But their heart wasnt all darkness their was one light at the end of the tunnel , Bliss's Grandma but when their flame is exstingwished who will be their Garden Angel now.


36. I could stay like this forever

Bliss's pov~
I pulled my lips off his. I kept my closed. 'I could stay like this forever,' I mumbled. Louis chuckle and pulled me closer to him. I just giggled and opened my eyes. I stared into his eyes. I just r Realized the lust and happiness in his eyes. I smiled and continued to stare. 'Take a picture babe it lasts longer.' 'Don't worry I will,' I chuckled and got my phone out.' 'Smile Lou!' He laughed and we took like ten pictures when it started pouring rain. 'I was about to go in when Lou grabbed my arm,' hold on I wanna cross something off my bucket lost.' He grabbed my waisted spinner me around and planted his lips on mine. I felt so happy right then and there. I didn't want to fell this position. Eventually Lou pulled me off his lips. 'Check,' he giggled. 'Check for me to!' We both laughed and went inside. I got a towel for Lou to dry because I don't have any other clothes that will fit him. I changed into sweats as a tank top. 'Imma invite the boys here,' I said ok and started to watch tv. I heard the door burst open and saw the boys and Kara walk in. 'How did you guys get up here?' 'Lou gave us the thingy to get up here, and nice place yah got here,' said Liam. 'Thanks I know.' 'How did you Afford this?' Asked Kara. 'I always saved money and it was cheap right now and the whole Cody thing made me move to.' She nodded and went exploring. Typical Kara. 'Bliss! I'm starving!' Shouted Niall. 'Look in the box that says food!' I yelled back. 'Ok!' He shouted back. I laughed. 'You guys are welcomed to stay I have four room?, yeah I have four.' 'Lou can sleep with me.' 'Bow chica wow wow,' Harry howled. Everyone laughed and I just 'grrrred' at him. He held his hands up in defense. I laughed and told Lou they were here. He ran down and jumped on top of Harry. 'Boo!!!' 'Hey boo bear can you get out me your kinda crushing me,' Harry tired to stay with still breathing. Everyone laughed. 'Fine be that way Harry ill go by her,' he pointed at me. 'Aww did little Lou get hurt,' I held y arms out to hug him. 'Mhm,' he ran into my arms and began to fake cry. I giggled. 'BooBear! Come back I'm sorry I just wanted to breath' Harry shouted. 'Please,' Harry gave him the puppy dog face. He looked at me and I nodded. He ran back by Harry and hugged him. 'Oh I love you boo!' Lou yelled. 'You to boobear.' Harry said hugging him. 'Aweee Larry moment!' I said.
No ones pov~
That night everyone went crazy. They put on music and blasted it loud, ate bliss food, watched movies, ran around the house doing crazy stuff and ding dong dithering her new neighbors. After all there fun they all started to tell scary stories. Lou's was the scariest. After that they all sat down and watched the toy story movies, love actually, and Titanic. The girls and Harry and Liam were crying during titanic. Lou just scoped up bliss and put her in his lap. He hugged her I tot he tears stopped. After that movie they all went into the guess rooms and fell asleep. But Lou brought bliss up and tucked her in. He kissed her forehead and laid next to her and he put his arms around her and he fell asleep with a smile on his face.
Hey guys I'm doing a contest. For Liam's new girlfriend, zayns girlfriend, Harry's 'one night stand' but turns way worse than a one night stand, and Louis new friend. Hey guys for one of my books called 'I want you to rock me,' I'm looking for a co author because I know I need to update a lot more. I just need some help. Oh yeah for the contest tell me your age, hair color, eye color, three things about yourself, why you like 1D, ad why you want to be in this book. If you sit get picked I'm sorry I'm just going with what's best. No hard feelings. The winners will be picked Friday. That's gives you guys four days to comment or kik me. My kik is karbearcleve.xx. Good luck guys. Feedback please! I'm sorry it wasn't long its just I wanted to update a chapter and ill make the next one longggg.
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