Sometimes you find things you werent even looking for

Britney and Bliss were unseperable from the age of twelve. They were best friends because they knew what it felt like, what it felt like to be staving, to be in pain, to be abused, what it felt like to have their heart swallowed whole by the monster of abuse. But their heart wasnt all darkness their was one light at the end of the tunnel , Bliss's Grandma but when their flame is exstingwished who will be their Garden Angel now.


3. Finally free

"Britney" i scream a heart felt scream as loud as i can hoping that it would be loud enough for Britney to hear,  she and i have one of those bonds that is thicker then blood all because we know, we know starvation, we know heart break, pain and the all too familiar feeling of abuse.  I scream repeatedly 3 more times until a skinny, tan figure with brown eyes that seam to be looking deep inside your inner most thoughts and median length, darkly colored hair who makes me look like a orger  with my fair skin, greenish blue eyes with dark brown with lots of blonde median length hair and even though we have the same body figure I'm still bigger than her due to my height. She runs at top speed to me screaming and yelling  "run, run" repeatedly until i launch into a run as i see Karl, her step father running down his drive way screaming "you'll come back when you get hungry just like you always do, stupid bitch". "lets go" Britney says in hushed voice as we stop to catch our breathe after we run for what have been a good 20 mins "go where" i ask as i dry reach in the gutter" "London, you have your mums credit card dont you?" She asks because she knows i always carry it in my phone case in case of a situation like this. "Sure, lets go" i say sarcastically  "Ok" she replies and starts running again in the direction of the air port "Brit..ney you didn't tell me we would be running" i yell as i try to catch up with her without losing my  stomach through my mouth      
"Stop .... We need to think about this we cant just run non-stop for 5 hours..... I'll die". "Fine, how do you feel about  hich- hiking?" she asked but seem to be serous "Oh, just the way i feel about DYING". "Fine, will take it easy and walk and if worst comes to worst its not like we haven't slept on the side on the road" Britney responded. 

#####   After trip to airport#####

We run to the ticket box and spoke but of cause because we were covered in dried blood and bruised, we were search. 

####  After search ###

I was about to scream, i not a fricken  tedious so let me pass, i clearly didn't say that but my god i felt like yelling it a the top of my lungs."Ok miss, you and your friend are free to go please, have a nice flight" A tall, thin man with straight blond, fair hair said as he pointed in the direction of the plane terminal. Thank goodness for that I whispered to Britney as we walked away from the two separate rooms we had been questioned in. As we had the lady in the office call our boarding number we started to run. All that was going though my mind was can't miss the plane, can't miss the plane, this repeated over and over again in my head as we ran faster and faster. "Tickets please ladies". The lady responded as we arrived at the gate "Give ...... Me ...... A....  Second" I said in a clam voice, all separated because we had just ran what would have been at lease 5-6 hundred meters. "Here" Britney said nicely as she passed the tickets as I was bending over still trying to catch my breathe, the women nodded and Britney started walking down the tunnel. She got about 20 meters ahead before I screamed "Britney, why do you hate me so much ... just stop MOVING". I yelled and she came running back and gave me a piggy back to the plane, as she put me down when we reached the stairs leading up to the plane I started to whispered to her "Why are the people in the city so judgmental"" what do you mean" she responded in a hushed tone. " like when I yelled at you the look on they faces was the funniest thing I have ever seen". This time I said it a little too loud and the city people behind me looked down apon us, as if we were scum.

## after the plane ride##

"So...." I mumbled as we strolled out of the tunnel or more like felled out of the tunnel as I was still groggy as a result of sleeping on Britney's shoulder for around 12 hours. "I need to EAT before I DIE"Britney replied with a kind of shout and a bit a desperation "Wait.." I said with a accadently hit to the stomach for Britney as I stop "I smell food" and even though me legs were aching and my feet were swollen from running in the boots I was wearing from the night of the party, the night before I ran. We reaches the air port as we span around and around in the middle and even though people were looking at  us if we were idiots we didn't care, our hunger was raising be the minute as a result of not eating for a least 14 hours. "hi, what can I get you today?" a short and plump English women asked. "Um.. Yeah hi can we please have 2 big macs with 2 large Lemonades and 2 Sunday's, 1 Carmel and 1 chocolate" Is that all today," the English woman replied "yeah thanks" Britney answered with her sweet, polite voice" Ok that comes to £17.75" I handed over mums card, typed in the pin and  in big letters APPROVED came up and we walked away to the table. Our food came we eat and left "So what now" I asked Britney as we sipped away on our drinks when all of a sudden a bunch of teenage girls run pass if and almost trampled us as they run as if a bear was chasing them but the sad thing was there was one girl running behind the pack" Wait for me" she called as she run but the other girls did even turn their heads. As this poor girl run passed us I grabbed her by the collar of her shirt and you could tell I scared her because her let out a bit of a scream, people started to look, I suddenly pulled her into a hug as if we had been friends forever "Where are all the girls going" she yelled to meet the angels of this world" she must of been able to see that i was confused because she answered "One Direction" she screamed so I pulled her into a hug again "there is no need to shout" I snapped at her "please, please let me go they will be finishing their show soon" she pleaded. "fine" I groaned as I released her shirt. She scrapped in the direction of the others. "you don't  have to be so mean"Britney broke her silence since I had grabbed that girl. I know she was right but I wasn't going to admit it. Britney and I have been friends for so long that we had learned to communicate with our faces, I guested to her should we go? She replied with a simple nod. And that was it we took off passing the other girl I grabbed and also passed the pack, we stopped for a second then heard the screamed of my packs of girls and I was surprised to see that some of them were only at the age of 7 or 8 but I didnt say anything I just over took them. Finally we reached a fence, I and Britney were yelled at for talking but we were told that we were being abusive towards other girls when I was the one who got hit so I was yelled at but who else would be yelled at. Suddenly the girls higher up the path made out of concrete that lead up into a amazing building, started to raise in volume.   
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