Sometimes you find things you werent even looking for

Britney and Bliss were unseperable from the age of twelve. They were best friends because they knew what it felt like, what it felt like to be staving, to be in pain, to be abused, what it felt like to have their heart swallowed whole by the monster of abuse. But their heart wasnt all darkness their was one light at the end of the tunnel , Bliss's Grandma but when their flame is exstingwished who will be their Garden Angel now.


2. Dont leave me in the dark darest old father

( authors note: sorry about the last chapter i hit the wrong button but this continues on from the last chapter just ignore the "c i didnt mean to type that sorry again)

"don't  leave me in the dark dearest old father". I say while i slowly crawl and haul my bruised and broken body up off the floor, turn to get my phone off the table and  turn towards the long spiral stair case but suddenly a strong and sweaty hand clenched around my wrist and pulled me towards him however as he pulled me i turned so i was now facing him. I could smell the stench of beer on his breathe "respect girly respect if you have have that you have nothing". He then brought his free that was cold and filled with unforgiveness hard across my face " so learn some" he yelled as he turned  and walked to where my mother was sitting and stuck his tongue down her throat "yuk" i think to myself. I  stand staring at the floor for a good couple of minutes, i wasn't thinking i was just in ... in fear.. I guess. At that moment i started to feel the  tears welling up in my eyes threating  to show and if theres one rule in my house it's that you don't ever show weakness. I didn't bother about thinking or making a plan which would of been a good idea, i just ran. As i ran i could hear Robert (my father) yelling and screaming although his angry was properly aimed at me he wasn't taking it out on me but on my mother and if i think about it I feel much sorrow for her as she has to sit at the breakfast across from the man she never loved. There's i thing that's different between us,  mum and I it's that i can escape, i can run, i can be free but she can't. I  ran faster and faster the more i think of him and not escaping, down the long, winding, narrow path way that runs between my street and the next when all of a sudden i hear a blood curdling scream then I identify who the scream belongs to... Britney. 
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