Sometimes you find things you werent even looking for

Britney and Bliss were unseperable from the age of twelve. They were best friends because they knew what it felt like, what it felt like to be staving, to be in pain, to be abused, what it felt like to have their heart swallowed whole by the monster of abuse. But their heart wasnt all darkness their was one light at the end of the tunnel , Bliss's Grandma but when their flame is exstingwished who will be their Garden Angel now.


30. Asking you on a date

Asking you on a date

Niall's pov~
I woke up and made breakfast for me and Kara. I felt bad for her it's been two days. She only staid in my room with me. I cooked it and brought it up to our room. I woke her up and gave her, her food. 'Hey Kara I was thinking.' 'Omg Niall Horan thinking I think that's the first.' She giggled. 'Shut up, now I finally got the courage.' 'Niall just spit it out.' 'Ok ok will you go on a date with me?' 'Omg yes I thought you never ask!' 'What? Haha yaya!' 'Where are we going?' 'I don't know I haven't thought that far because I thought you were gonna say no.' 'Why you think that?' Because a beautiful girl like you go on a date with me? Please chances are that are one of a million.' 'Oh thanks Niall for calling me beautiful.' 'No problem babe.' I looked at her. She smiled. I wasn't excepting her to throw her lips on mine. I smiled at the kiss. My phone rang. It was management. I hated them they always ruin my favorite moments. They said we had a photo shoot in a hour it's 9:30 so we to be there at 10. 'Babe I gotta wake up the boys.' I went to zayn first. I woke him about two minutes later. I told him to wake up Liam. Next I woke up was bliss and Louis. They were easy. Then I woke up Harry. They got ready within ten minutes we told Kara and bliss goodbye and left.
Bliss's pov~
'Kara imma go to Starbucks wants anything?' 'Nope Niall made me breakfast in bed.' 'Aww that's so sweet! Did he ask you out?' 'Yeah how do you know?' 'I told him to and he really liked you Kara.' 'Oh really I didn't notice.' 'Girl you where blind then.' 'It was that obvious?' 'Mhm now I'm going to Starbucks, bye.' 'Bye.' I got there and ordered. I was walking out and ran into someone. I looked up at a talk teenage boy about 18-20's. OMG he is cute and looks every familiar. He helped me up. 'Im so sorry I'm such a clutz.' 'Its ok.' 'Hey do I know you you look every familiar.' 'Names Bliss Alans.' 'Hey last name is Alans to but my first name is Jessie.' 'OMG Jessie is that you brother?!' 'Bliss OH my god it is you. Time did good to you.' 'Thanks,' I blushed. 'No problem now lets catch up while ill buy you another coffee what did you order?' 'A mocha.' 'Ok two mochas please here you go keep the tip.' He got his drinks and we sat down outside because it was nice out. We talked for hours about our loves my boyfriend his girlfriend and where he's living where I'm living. About what happened three days ago. About what happen from when grandmas funeral. Lets just say everything it's easier. 'How you been? Besides all the drama that went on?' 'I been great actually, how about yourself?' 'Im good.'
Louis's pov~
We were done with our photo shoot. We drove past Starbucks. I thought I saw bliss but I said it wasn't her because she is with someone. I looked back it is bliss. Oh shit what did I do wrong? I been good right? What did I do is all I could think about.
Bliss's pov~
'I have to go my boyfriend is probably home.' 'Ok see you later sis.' I laughed 'you to bro.' I got in my car and went home. I opened the door and saw everyone around Louis. He has been crying. 'Lou what's wrong?,' i asked. 'You.' 'Me? What did i do?' 'You are cheating on me I saw you at Starbucks with the guys. You are a slut.' 'Eh! Louis we said no bad words,' Kara screamed. 'You all fucking idiots you know, Louis what don't actually just ask me who that was. AND FYI THAT WAS MY FUCKING BROTHER! I ran out of the house crying.
Louis's pov~
Shir I'm a fuck idiot I should of just asked her. I got up and went to look for her. 'Guys I'm a idiot.' 'You got that right Lou,' Kara said. I sighed and went out looking. After a hour of searching I couldn't find her I gave up for now.
Bliss's pov~
I called my brother Jessie to pick me up.
Me: Jessie can you pick me up?
Jessie: yeah babe whats wrong?
Me: my boyfriend well my ex boyfriend thought I was cheating on him with you!
Jessie: did he even give you time to explain?
Me: no and he called me a slut.
Jessie: next time I see him ill punch him.
Me: just pick me up please
Jessie: ok see you in ten. Wait where are you at?
Me: I'll walk to Starbucks.
Jessie:ok see you there.
Jessie's pov~
That douchhe! I'm fucking pissed at him. I drove to Starbucks and picked up bliss. Her eyes full of tears and her cheeks red as a apple. I felt really bad. I drove her to my flat. She feel asleep on the way. I picked her up and placed her on me bed. I got my pjs and took a blanket and pillow and went on the couch.
Hey guys feedback? Please. I would love it if you guys would read one of my own movella called 'want you to rock me.' I if you do read it feedback! I love feedback guys (: bliss helped (:
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