Sometimes you find things you werent even looking for

Britney and Bliss were unseperable from the age of twelve. They were best friends because they knew what it felt like, what it felt like to be staving, to be in pain, to be abused, what it felt like to have their heart swallowed whole by the monster of abuse. But their heart wasnt all darkness their was one light at the end of the tunnel , Bliss's Grandma but when their flame is exstingwished who will be their Garden Angel now.


34. A/n read guys sorry not a chapter!

I'm SOOOOO sorry I haven't updated in a LONG time. I just don't have time between school,sports, and life just in general. I swear to
God ill update tomorrow. And another reason is because I haven't gotten in touch with bliss and I love her option. So I swear ill update tomorrow.
[[Tuesday @feb 5 854 my time]]
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