I Think She's Insane

A young girl, only 17, met One Direction, and it was as easy as falling over. When Kaitlyn York meets One Direction she pretends to not know who they are, but inside she's fan girling all over the place, but will her one love, Louis Tomlinson fall for her also?


2. The Meeting Of The Boys

Chapter 2 - The Meeting Of The Boys


(Kaitlyn's P.O.V)


I walked through the door, swaying my hips, completely unbalanced because of my height but oh well, it gives off more of that sexy look. Louis laughed and walked straight through into the kitchen? I was only guessing that because I could smell spicy chicken coming from that direction. Oh well, guess he's not gonna introduce me to these smoking hot guys. I saw Harry, Liam and Zayn all sitting on the couch watching t.v. It took all my strength not too fan girl right there and then but I had to keep up my act. If they knew that I knew who they were then they would never let me near them, so for now, I have to pretend I have no idea who they are, fan girling will have to wait till later tonight. . . When I'm alone. I smirked slightly to myself at that last thought. Alone. My parents were never around and they are currently on a six month tour around Australia. I swayed my hips again as I walked towards the couch before I tripped and faceplanted, hitting my head on the arm of the couch. The boys head snapped up just as my head came into contact with the arm of the seat. I heard them laugh before helping me up to see if I was okay.

"Who are you?" Harry asked. "Are you okay?"

"Fine! I only smashed my face into the couch!" I said, rolling my eyes.

"Did you want an ice pack?" Liam asked.

"That would be nice, thank you," I said as soft and innocent as I could. I didn't want them to hate me because of my usual crazy and sarcastic attitude.

Liam ran off towards the kitchen, I had concluded that it was from the smell and that they kept there ice in there.

"Now, can you tell us what your name is?" Zayn asked, looking a little worried.

"Kaitlyn Encyclopedia Vagina York," I said. " And now that you know my name. . . It's only fair you tell me yours."

"Oh god, I think she has brain damage," Harry said.

Zayn and I both looked at him weirdly wondering what exactly he was talking about.

"If she lives in England and doesn't know who we are then there must be something wrong, we should get her to a hospital," Harry said, smirking at Zayn.

I saw Zayn roll his eyes and giggled, I should have been expecting a comment like that from Harry. He did have a good point though, everyone in England knew who they were. There were only a few reasons why I wouldn't know them.

"I'm Zayn Malik, no crazy middle names for me," he said smiling at me.

Zayn stood up from his crouched position from beside me and held his hand out to help me up.

"Wow, vagina much?" I said, laughing.

"Umm. . . What do you mean?" he said, obviously confused. He didn't show it on his face but you could see it in his eyes.

"Nevermind," I said laughing and grabbing his hand to stand up.

I heard Harry chuckle quietly beside us. I turned and glared at him and he stopped instantly.

"Umm. . . I got you an ice pack," Liam said, running back into the room and handing it to me.

"Why thankyou Mr Vagina man," I said smiling as I put the ice pack to my head.

"Mr what?" Liam asked. I knew he had heard me so I just smirked at him.

"She does that a lot," Louis said as he walked back into the room smiling from ear to ear.

"LOUIS!!" I yelled, running up to him. "Kiss it better?" I said, giving him the best puppy eyes I could.

"EWW! Then I'll get girl germs!" Louis screamed, running and hiding behind the couch.

That is it! Time for my acting skills to come out. I fell to the floor and started crying, all these years of manipulating people was starting to get it's purpose! I sobbed into my hands as I held the ice pack to my head. All the boys but Louis walked up to me.

"I'll kiss it better if you want Kaitlyn?" Liam said.

"Louis, how could you be so mean to her?" Niall said.

"But she licked me?!" Louis said, looking a little sad that the boys were taking my side.

I shot Louis a quick smirk before letting another tear roll down my face.

"SHE'S FAKING!" Louis yelled, pointing at me.

I giggled, accidentally giving up my facade.

"Who cares! She's cute, she wins," Niall said giggling.

I jumped up and kissed Niall on the cheek and he blushed. Aww! How cute is that!? I saw Louis' expression falter but it was back to it's cheeky grin in under a second. Nobody else seemed to have noticed so I ignored it.

"Jealous yet Louis?" I said, winking at him.

"Pssh! What's there to be jealous of?" he said smirking.

I leaned over to Harry, knowing he was Louis' best friend and whispered in his ear.

"Help me make him jealous? Play along please?" I pleaded.

Harry nodded, smirking. I full on pashed him right there, tongue and all. I know I kiss like a puppy dog but I continued for about a minute before pulling away. I heard all the boys gasp and Louis just laughed.

"Pft! I do that all the time," he said smirking at me.

My mouth dropped open. I quickly wiped my mouth and then screamed.

"ARGH!! EW! Louis germs!" I yelled, continuing to wipe my mouth over and over again.

All the boys started laughing as I ran into the kitchen shoving my head under the tap and washing my mouth out. I pulled my head out from under the tap.

"GUYS! I'm hungry!" I complained walking back into the lounge room, almost tripping over the ice pack I had dropped on the floor.

I pouted and walked over to Louis. I tried to put on a sexy look and our my lips next to Louis' ear.

"Can you feed me please?" I asked him, making sure my breath tickled his ear.

I saw him shiver as I stepped back giving him the best puppy dog eyes I could manage. Louis burst out laughing.

"You had me at first but then that happened, what ever that was!" he said, still laughing.

"You're such a vagina head!" I yelled at him before turning to look at the other boys.

They were all staring at Louis and I with amused expressions.

"What?!" I yelled.

"Nothing!" Zayn said smirking. "Except that you're perfect for each other," he mumbled.

Harry, Niall and Liam all burst out laughing and I just glared at him. I must admit though, according to my best friend, my glare is really scary because my eye does this whole twitching thing and it's more creepy pedo than scary. The boys stopped the instant they saw my stare. I smirked continuing to stare at them.

"Louis! She's scaring me!" Niall cried.

I chuckled like a manic making the boys back away from me. All of a sudden I felt someone lift me up from behind and fling me up over their shoulder.

"Louis!" I screamed kicking my arms and legs around to make him put me down, but he didn't.

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