Dreams Do Come True

Kathleen and her best friend Chloe have had a life dream of being able to show people from outside there small town in Wisconsin there voices. When Kathleen's twin sister Alex helps them with there life dream and they go on The X Factor will there dreams come true of making a top single? Will they meet there idols One Direction? Better yet fall in love with them?


7. X Factor Audition

"Congratulations!!" The girl at the table said with lots of emotion. Chloe Alex and I just looked at each other with smiles on our faces we didn't know people would give us this much attention just for being the first ones there.

"Thank you, I'm Kathleen and this is Chloe," I said very confident while pointing to Chloe "we are going to be singing a duet together." I said as the woman wrote our names down an handed us both a tag that read X Factor with a 1335 on both of ours since we were doing it together.

Another woman led us down to a line that was formed my gates and were the first and only people there at the moment. The staff told us we weren't aloud to go in the building yet since the show hasn't started.

We were waiting in line for a good 20 minutes just speechless soaking everything about this in before people started to show up. It was strange because from us being the first on there within like 5 minutes the place was packed with almost 80 people by now. People kept coming and coming and I looked at each of them thinking if they were good or not; but that didn't help me at all there imagine doesn't mean anything.

We asked the people around us questions an talking with everyone for a while. A large man opened the gate and started counting as another large security guard lead us into the building.

By this time it was probably around 10:45 and the show started at 11:30.

Chloe and I were getting so scared by now but we were also really anxious. We weren't sure if being the first audition was good or bad but we tried not to think about it that much.

"Number 1335, were ready for you," we heard over the intercom Chloe Alex and I looked at each other and Alex just told us to remember everything we practiced and she told us to break a leg. As we were walking back stage I was so nervous we had to nail this performance; this was our one and only shot. I was taking deep breaths trying to calm myself down, but nothing was working.

I knew that when we went on stage we couldn't just act all shy we needed to be ourselves. We planned that we weren't going to tell everyone about our past like some people do; we wanted to have a new start, we didn't want to think of the past.

"Good Morning Chicago!!!" Chloe yelled to the audience as we ran on stage. The stage was so much bigger than I imagined. I looked over at Demi Lavato, Simon Cowell, Brittany Spears, and LA the judges; they all had a smile on there faces and were all looking at me and Chloe.

"Hello what's your names?" Simon asked.

"I'm Kathleen and this is Chloe." I said into our microphone pointing to Chloe.

"You guys are our first audition... What do you think about this?" LA asked us.

"We were born ready," I said laughing at myself as I hear a load laugh from the crowd.

"All right lets hear it!" Demi said excitedly to us. I was so overwhelmed right now I just had to breathe and remember everything we rehearsed.

The music started at the beginning and I started to sing "I remember when we broke up, first time seeing this is it I've had enough, cause like we haven't seen each other in a month when you said you needed space," I sang my solo and it was flawless. Chloe started to come in right after singing her solo "then you come around again and say I miss you and I swear I'm gonna change trust me, remember how that lasted for a day, I say I hate you we break up you call me I love you." Then we started singing together just like we practiced "Ooo o oo o oo we call it up again last night..." Throughout the whole song Chloe and I were walking around, jumping up and down and just rocking our performance. When the last line of the song came Chloe and I looked at eachother with smiles reaching across each others faces. We wanted to leave our hearts on that stage and when we looked at each other I could tell we both knew that that was exactly what we did.

A roaring sound of applause filled the auditorium while Chloe and I hugged each other lovingly and happily.

After everyone started to quiet down LA said happily "You guys most definitely were born ready," quoting what I said before our performance.

"I'm glad you guys were the first audition of the day! You girls rocked that stage and I can tell you both love to sing," Brittany Spears said with her hands by her face.

"This is why I live this show!! I love to see people who love singing so much just show everyone there talent!!" Demi said excitedly, "and let me tell you another thing; you girls have talent."

I couldn't believe all these important people who had a lot of knowledge about music were saying all these things about how good we were...

"I have had this feeling before after a few auditions, knowing something good was going to happen... Knowing that there was potential... I had this feeling with the members of one direction... And look at them today. It's a yes!" Simon said smiling.

"YES!" Demi said throwing her hands up in the air.

"Definitely yes!" Britany exclaimed.

"Yes." LA finally said.

Chloe and i shed tears of happiness, "Thank you so much that means so much" Chloe and I both say. I couldn't believe it we had just gotten four yes's. I couldn't believe all the things they said to us. But most of all I couldn't believe that Simon the one who made one direction happen was comparing us to my idols I look up to.

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