Dreams Do Come True

Kathleen and her best friend Chloe have had a life dream of being able to show people from outside there small town in Wisconsin there voices. When Kathleen's twin sister Alex helps them with there life dream and they go on The X Factor will there dreams come true of making a top single? Will they meet there idols One Direction? Better yet fall in love with them?


13. Which One?

Chloe and i were just living life at the fullest, totally taking advantage of the opportunity we were given. We went sight seeing, visited the music studios around the town hoping that one day we would be the ones in them. And of course we practiced and practiced for the final day of the X Factor  with Simon. Chloe and i made it past the Live shows singing the song The Climb. Just like at the judges house Chloe and I were proud of our performance. Now it was down to us and the solo artist Logan Perrez as the Finalists; this was going to be one tough competition, he was an outstanding and totally unique singer.

After the Judges houses when we called Alex to tell her the news she was so excited for us and said she would meet us at our hotel to help us practice for our next performance at the Live Shows. Of course. We wanted to wait to tell Alex that One Direction were our guest mentors til' we were in person, we wanted to see her expression on her face, we knew it would be absolutely priceless. 

Throughout the live shows Chloe and I have really connected with Simon, he truly felt like our Mentor now.  He was helping us like we would be going far one day; and i loved having that feeling inside. Although most things were going fantastically there was one thing that was killing Chloe and I inside... and that was not being able to see Liam and Niall again or at least for a long time.

We came up with this genius plan though. So when we finally got the courage to ask Simon we were praying that it would be a yes. 

"Hey Simon," I said hiding my excitement inside as we walked into his office.

"Hey girls, what can i do for you today?" Simon asked us with a smile on his face putting his pen down facing all his attention towards us.

"We had a question we wanted to ask you..." Chloe said to simon doing a terrible job at hiding her nervousness. 

I decided i was just going to go all out and ask the question; stalling and saving it for later wouldn't have made the circumstances any better. "Could we by any chance have One Direction's phone number's?" I asked really fast with hope in my eyes.

Simons face changed dramatically from a happy smile to an angry almost disappointed grin. "I thought you girls really wanted this..." Simon sternly announced to us.

Chloe and I looked at each other totally regretting asking Simon any of this. "I know what you guys are getting at. I saw they way Chloe you and Niall looked at each other and the way Kathleen, you and Liam looked at each other as well." Simon was starting to get really annoyed by this point. "At this point you girls cannot just risk your whole entire career by going after some boys you have met once. Yes there One Direction but trust me you are just steps away from your chance at the big shot and its not worth it to risk all that." I was starting to get what Simon was starting to say; and it made me realize that Simon cared for us... he didn't want us risking everything we have lived for just for the boys of One Direction. Even though at this point i was aggravated with him and totally disagreed with him. I was having so much mixed emotions i was happy Simon cared, but i was aggravated and pissed that i wouldn't be able to see Liam for a long long time. 

I just left Simons office fast with out a word, i didn't want to cry, not in Simons office. Chloe followed behind me after she said "Ya we understand," to Simon.

I needed to clear my thoughts; so i walked out of the building fast and just pet walking and walking until i reached a rock off the lake that i went to sit on. Chloe and i practiced her before and it was so beautiful. There was willow trees hanging over the lake with lily pads and pretty white and yellow flowers floating around the lake. 

While i was on the rock holding my knees to my chest, I started to absolutely lose it; I had to choose one, my music career or Liam. I had no idea what to do, there were tears dripping down my face at this point when i heard British accents come from behind me... 

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