Dreams Do Come True

Kathleen and her best friend Chloe have had a life dream of being able to show people from outside there small town in Wisconsin there voices. When Kathleen's twin sister Alex helps them with there life dream and they go on The X Factor will there dreams come true of making a top single? Will they meet there idols One Direction? Better yet fall in love with them?


11. We Aren't There Yet

His beautiful deep gleaming brown eyes were staring right into mine. His grin on his face made my stomach ache. When he walked in it was like we were the only ones in the world. I was falling for Liam Payne and i haven't even met him in person yet. I knew everything about him but you get what i mean. I always had a crush on Liam Payne but the second i saw him it was like nothing i ever felt before. It was love at first sight.

"Everybody... One direction your guest mentor's!!" Simon announced as Liam and I lost eye contact and all the boys said a big massive Hello. 

I couldn't take my eyes off of Liam. Simon and the boys said they had to leave while we all practiced our song before we went and sang in front of all them. Liam left and gave me a wink and waved good bye to me i was blushing and i flirtatiously waved back; i wasn't very good at hiding my feelings.

Chloe looked at me with her mouth wide open just speechless. 

"I saw the way you and Liam looked at each other!!!" I was blushing like crazy at this point. Before today Liam was just my idol and now I was in love with him; i got the butterflies just looking when i saw him and just thinking about him made me smile. "Your dream is officially coming true!! Liam likes you and i can tell you do as well..." Chloe said with a grin on her face. 

"Not exactly..." I shyly mumbled under my breathe hoping chloe didn't hear me. I didn't just like Liam it was more than just that...

I decided i was going to change the topic. "How about you and Niall..." I said noisily, even though while the boys were all out here i had no time to look at both Chloe nor Niall I was too busy staring at Liam. But i could tell by her expression on her face that something happened happened between the both of them. Just like me with Liam, Chloe has liked Niall since day one.

"Kathleen this is amazing; we are here at the judges houses; One Direction, our idols are our guest mentors; Liam and you... you know; and Niall is just... amazing." Chloe paused as she thought about Niall, "Our dreams are all coming true. Kathleen our lives have completely changed since when we were back at home."

"Ya," I said taking a deep breathe and taking everything in. "lets just hope that One Direction being our guest mentors won't make us loose focus on our singing career..." i announced letting the question linger in the air as me and Chloe tried putting everything in the back of our minds and just focus on our song we needed to sing. We still needed to get past the Judges Houses.



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