Dreams Do Come True

Kathleen and her best friend Chloe have had a life dream of being able to show people from outside there small town in Wisconsin there voices. When Kathleen's twin sister Alex helps them with there life dream and they go on The X Factor will there dreams come true of making a top single? Will they meet there idols One Direction? Better yet fall in love with them?


5. Prep For The Audition

It was the night before the audition. I was feeling ready; me and Chloe had our outfits laid out on the ground and our alarm clocks set for 5 in the morning. We needed about 40minutes to get ready and about 20 minutes to get to the audition place; so if everything worked out we would get there at 6 which will make us be towards the front of the audition line. We had no idea what time everyone normally got to the place so we were playing it safe and going early.

I went to bed with a smile on my face and butterflies in my stomach. Our last rehearsal we did was flawless from our point of view; i was just hoping that at the audition we did it the same way.

"Beep, Beep, Beep." I woke up to the load noise of my alarm clock. I woke up the heavy sleeper Chloe and saw Alex already getting ready (I think she was more excited then us). I jumped into the shower quickly to wake myself up. I blow dried my hair and then straightened it over and over making sure it was perfect and that I didn't miss any pieces. Carefully I put my outfit on; then put on mascara eyeliner and blush. I took a good look at myself and smiled; I couldn't of been looking at myself for once i looked good. I brushed my teeth quickly as i yelled to the other room for alex to put cereal in a bowl for me. 

"Im on it Princess," Alex shouted back to  me. 

I ran out the front door as Alex honked the horn telling me and Chloe to hurry up. As of now we were running on time we just had to pray there wouldn't be bad traffic. 

As we drove off i was having so many mixed emotions; I was happy, scared, nervous, but the biggest feeling I had was relief. I was relieved that finally my life dream was coming true and it was happening with my favorite people in the world. But something didn't feel right; I was missing something but i couldn't put my finger on what it was.

There was a peaceful silence in the car; each of us thinking our own things until alex said,

"You guys should practice your song a few more times; we don't want to practice at the auditions for people to hear there competition." Alex was in charge and you could tell she had a plan for today that neither of us wanted to mess with.

"Alright," Chloe and I said in unison as we were searching around for our papers and materials for the audition. 

Chloe and I both looked at each other worriedly; and thats when I realized it. We forgot the most important thing we needed; the papers for our audition; the key we needed for our dream to come true.

My dream was crumbling before my eyes.

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