Dreams Do Come True

Kathleen and her best friend Chloe have had a life dream of being able to show people from outside there small town in Wisconsin there voices. When Kathleen's twin sister Alex helps them with there life dream and they go on The X Factor will there dreams come true of making a top single? Will they meet there idols One Direction? Better yet fall in love with them?


12. Performance of a Lifetime


When Chloe and I were practicing for our performance I couldn’t face all my attention on the song. My mind was just going in circles I simply couldn’t focus and Chloe could read me like a book.

“Snap out of it Kathleen!! This is our one chance we have and I’m not letting you ruin that for me just because One Direction is our Guest Mentors!!” Chloe was starting to get frustrated and she never gets angry. I knew I needed to get my mind focused before our show… If we don’t make it past the Judges houses it’s going to be my entire fault and both my dreams of singing and being with One Direction would be crushed.

Chloe and I took a five-minute break to get what ever was going through in our brains cleared and come back with full focus for the song.

When the five minutes were up Chloe and I only had around 35 minutes left to practice. I made a plan: I was going to just forget about everything and just think about the lyrics, rhythm, and tone to the song. I wasn’t going to make eye contact because I would get lost in his eyes and just lose it on stage. If I really had to I was going to turn the opposite direction if it meant I was going to sing the song well.

“Chloe and Kathleen Simon is ready for you girls,” a staff worker came into the room where all the contests were sitting in silence. Inside I was freaking out but I just kept saying to myself to relax and pretend I was just singing at my house for fun with Chloe and Alex. I was trying my best to not think about Liam or anything that’s related to him.

Before entering the room, Chloe and I looked at each other with faith and hope we needed to nail this performance it was a hard song but we could do it. We looked at each other until we both were ready.

From the door way I could see Simon and One Direction but I was doing good and was all focused and ready to perfect this performance I couldn’t let them get in my head I just needed to do what I have always done and just sing my heart out.

As Chloe and I turned around to face all six of them what I had hoped not to happen was happening. Liam looked right at me and had that smile on his face that millions of girls fell in love. The only difference was I wasn’t scared.

“Alright girls how are you all doing today?” Simon asked snapping me out of my train of thought.

“Ready,” Chloe answered as I nodded my head agreeing with her.

“Ok ready when you are ladies,” Niall said thinking he was really funny and trying his best not to laugh at himself. The only person that laughed at him was Chloe. She was such a flirt but it was cute.

“If I

Should stay

I would only be in your way

So I'll go

But I know

I'll think of you every step of

the way


And I...

Will always

Love you, oohh

Will always

Love you


My darling you





That is all I'm taking with me

So good-bye

Please don't cry

We both know I'm not what you

You need


And I...

Will always love you


Will always love you

You, ooh


[Instrumental / Sax solo]


I hope

life treats you kind

And I hope

you have all you've dreamed of

And I wish you joy

and happiness

But above all this

I wish you love


And I...

Will always love you


Will always love you



I, I will always love



Darling I love you

I'll always

I'll always




Ooohhh” Chloe and I sang the song the same way we rehearsed it except this time it was better. I was able to sing in front of my idols and my lover with out getting overly nervous or having to turn around or better yet not messing the whole song up in front of them.

Chloe looked at me with a look saying good job and I did the same to her. Even if we didn’t make it through even though we would be devastated but we did the best of our ability.

“Beautiful,” Simon spoke out breaking the silence.

“Outstanding,” Louis added.

“Incredible,” Zayn announced.

“Fantastic,” Harry said smiling a cheeky smile at us.

“Amazing, couldn’t have been done better,” Niall said staring at Chloe, as her face became bright red.

“You know how earlier Simon said that we came on this show because we wanted to be here for two girls in particular?” Liam asked.

“Ya…” I said back confused on why he was bringing this up.

“Well you girls are the two girls,” Liam announced smiling. I couldn’t believe it; One Direction came to be quest mentors because of Chloe and I. I never even thought that it was us they were referring to but now that I knew it was I didn’t know how to react. Chloe and I looked at each other unspeakable.

“You’re kidding…” Chloe and I said at the same time as everyone else laughed.

“Nope I’m totally serious… And now I’m totally glad we came because that was one of the best performances I have ever heard. I’m a big fan.” Liam said smiling at me.

“Ya you girls did outstanding I have big hopes for you girls.” Simon said in his British accent.

“Thank you,” Chloe said refereeing to everyone.

“It really means a lot and its still amazing to think that we just sang in front of you guys.” I said not really thinking before I talked.

“Well I think you will be singing in front of us and many other people in the future many times.” Liam said back to me.

Chloe and I were told to leave to have the other contestants have a turn to sing. I had just met Liam and it hurt to have to leave him as well as all the other boys I felt like I fit in and I was comfortable in front of them. I felt like I was actually liked for once.



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