Dreams Do Come True

Kathleen and her best friend Chloe have had a life dream of being able to show people from outside there small town in Wisconsin there voices. When Kathleen's twin sister Alex helps them with there life dream and they go on The X Factor will there dreams come true of making a top single? Will they meet there idols One Direction? Better yet fall in love with them?


14. My Decision

Of course the thing I dreaded happening most, happened... I was looking like a complete wreck and there--standing right in front of me--was one direction. They all probably didn't want to even see me again after seeing me look like this. 

Looking at them standing in front of me didn't make the circumstances i was trying to solve any better...

I quickly tried to wipe under my eyes with my thumbs to try and whip the makeup that was probably all over my face making me look like i was a girl from a scary horror movie. 

"Oh my god, Kathleen everything ok?" Liam said as he was racing over by my side and sat on the rock to comfort me. I had so many mixed, confused emotions going around inside of me that I didn't even think; I wrapped my arms around Liam as i cried into his chest as he drew little circles on my back with his finger. He didn't even know the reason why i was crying but he was still there to comfort me and that made my decision to me clear. Liam was there for me...


Chloe's POV-

After Kathleen stormed out of Simons office i had no idea where she was off to. Kathleen was having one of those moments where all she wanted to be was at a peaceful place to think. I knew that later when i talked to Kathleen that there would be tears coming from both of us about the decision we were forced to make. 

As i was walking out to my car i saw the boys of One Direction walking into the building that Simons office was at. 

"Ay just the girl i was looking for," Niall said to me shedding a sheepish grin at me. I saw him and i knew my decision right away. It wasn't hard at all. I wouldn't be able to live without Niall or any of these boys... ever. 

Now i just needed to get Kathleen on board with this idea... I had a plan.

"Hey guys, um  I sort of lost Kathleen... I was wondering if you would help me find her?" I said. I was over exaggerating a little bit on the situation, but i knew that if i said this then they would agree and be worried.

"WHAT?!?! HOW DO YOU JUST LOSE KATHLEEN?!?...." Liam was rambling on and on and yelling at me for being crazy and telling my how could i possible lost a human being. I found it cute that Liam cared so much for Kathleen... already. 

I quickly interrupted Liam realizing that my exact plan wasn't going to work. "Something happened at the studio; we came to talk to Simon... and things didn't really go so well. Kathleen stormed out and she just went somewhere to cool down. But I bet by seeing you guys some of the heat will rise off of her shoulders."

"Then lets go cheer her up!" Louis said excitedly. We started walking towards there car and I was happy and excited to know that there all here for Kathleen and I. 

We all piled into the car, Louis in the drivers seat, Liam in the passenger seat, and Zayn Harry and I squeezed into the back. I was sitting on Niall's lap next to Harry. I felt so comfortable in his lap and i never wanted to get up... ever.

Louis started the car ready to back out then froze and looked back at me. "Where exactly are we supposed to go?" Louis asked confused. I thought to myself because i was unsure about the answer myself. By this point all the boys were staring at me awaiting for my response. 

"She went somewhere where she can think..." I said thinking out load.

"And that is...???" Liam asked impatiently just wanting to see Kathleen.

"There is a few places... First lets go to the park; we once went there to rehearse and its close enough in walking distance for her to walk there." I told the boys as louis was already hitting the pedal and we were quickly on our way.

Once we parked Niall lifted me up bridal style and got out of the car with me in his arms. It was the cutest thing ever and I knew by this point that it would be impossible to lose him. I had what i wanted in mind; not that it was going to be easy to throw away my singing career but i just needed to get kathleen on board with me and that would not be easy. Kathleen Loves singing more than anyone i know and throwing all that away isn't just going to be a flip of the coin for her; its going to really hurt her inside.

I lead the boys over to the stone rocks where i suspected Kathleen to be and after i spanned around in a few circles i was able to pick her out. Just sitting on the rock alone with her feet to her chest staring off into the distance. I could see Kathleen's face all puffy and red and it made me just heart broken to see her this way over a decision she was forced to make. I suddenly felt guilty for my plan; i felt like i was forcing her to pick what i wanted. I started to feel selfish and rude.

"Oh my god, Kathleen everything ok?" I heard Liam say with worry in his voice. I couldn't change it Liam and all the boys saw Kathleen looking like this and I didn't know if i was excited or disappointed and aggravated about my plan. 

Liam was quickly by Kathleen's side holding her as i heard her  sob into his chest, forming a wet spot within seconds.

By this point I knew... I knew that Liam and Kathleen were meant to be and that this was the start of something new. Kathleen would realize what she really wants and i know her too well not to say good bye to Liam James Payne; the boy from one direction that she would fantasize over.


Kathleen's POV-

When i was in Liam's arms i realized what my decision was. Just like Chloe always does, she looked after me and helped me with it. How in the world did she end up bringing One Direction to me? I have no idea; all i know is Chloe has her ways. She always does.



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