Dreams Do Come True

Kathleen and her best friend Chloe have had a life dream of being able to show people from outside there small town in Wisconsin there voices. When Kathleen's twin sister Alex helps them with there life dream and they go on The X Factor will there dreams come true of making a top single? Will they meet there idols One Direction? Better yet fall in love with them?


15. Everything Will Turn Out Fine...???

Kathleen's POV:

After I was done crying in Liam's arms he suggested going out to an old ice-cream shop around the corner he said "was legendary" and "the best ice-cream he has ever eaten." Liam was there for me not even knowing or asking why i was crying; something that i have dreamed about happening when i fall in love.

Liam put his arm out for me to help me get up and on our way to the ice-cream store we were walking hand in hand. 

"I remember once i came to this exact ice cream shop with my older sister and she was annoying me, so i slapped the ice cream out of her hand and it splattered all over the ground. She then did the same thing to my ice cream; i deserved it though right...karma." Liam said smirking, sharing his past stories making me totally forget i was sad and just making me laugh and be in a great mood.

"You were so mean." I said as i nudged his shoulder with mine as our fingers were still interlocked. "You better not do that to mine, or else i will do the exact same thing back to you just like your sister did." I said flirtatiously to Liam as he opened the door to the shop with a giggle.


"I don't know what to get... they all look so good!" I announced to Liam annoyed because of all the good flavors there were. 

"I got this," Liam said to me as i was sort of confused at what he was referring to "can we please have one extra chocolaty rocky road and a birthday cake, both on a sugar cone." Liam politely said to the  cashier handing him money. 

"Here try them both; there my favorite flavors." Liam said handing me the birthday cake cone as he licked the other ice cream cone before handing that to me as well. 

"These are amazing!" I announced excitedly to Liam as my eyes shot up, with ice cream all over my lips. Liam let out a cute chuckle as he took a napkin and whipped the ice-cream off my lips. We were talking to each other like we have known each other our whole lives; i never wanted to leave the ice cream shop i was having so much fun just spending my day with Liam.


Chloe's POV-

Louis, Zayn, Harry, Niall and I were walking around the park just talking. I knew that Liam would cheer Kathleen up but i couldn't stop thinking of how we were going to tell Simon about our decision. 

"You alright Cupcake?" Niall asked me as he put his arm around my waist pulling me closer to him. 

"No." I went out there and said it, i wasn't gonna lie, i needed to talk to someone. Niall wasn't expecting this answer but as soon as he heard it he became really worried and sympathetic and stopped walking facing all his attention towards me. So did all the other boys who overheard our conversation.

I walked over to a near by bench as Niall sat down next me and all the other boys surrounded listening intently. 

"Ok so Kathleen was crying earlier.... because...." The boys were all looking at me awaiting for an answer. "well... simon told us that we would have to choose our career or you guys." I looked into Niall's eyes and he was full of a mixture of anger and confusion just like all the other boys where.

"Why would he make you guys make that decision?" Louis asked me with furry. 

"He said that if we are to see you guys it would make us unfocused," i sniffled with tears dripping down my face, "and that we can't do both." I said losing it and letting all the tears out hugging Niall the same way Liam was with Kathleen. I was surprised i was able to hold it bak this long and not just lose it right away like Kathleen did.

"Simon shouldn't make you girls do anything, it should be your responsibility on how to manage your lives!" Louis said angrily seeming like he wanted to hurt Simon right now.

"It just shows how much he cares for you guys... he doesn't want to see you guys get hurt." Zayn said with emotion in his eyes.

"Well its not really working... he hurt Kathleen and me really bad! This decision is killing us!" I said before i could even think about what Zayn said and that he actually made a lot of sense. 

There was a silence as everyone  soaked in the meaning of what Zayn had just said. "No matter what we have to make this decision and its gonna be the hardest one ever. Simon isn't gonna appreciate our decision. Im scared to tell him." I said playing with my hands as i sat up looking at the ground.

I could feel the tension in the air; the boys didn't like seeing me like this they wanted to give me advise but there wasn't any good advise. They didn't wanna not see me and Kathleen but they didn't want to see us totally give up our dream we have been putting so much time and effort into.

All of a sudden i see Louis smile, i look at him confused... "Its ok everything will turn out fine..." Louis announcing giving Niall a look as Niall nodded back to Louis saying-

"Ya you and Kathleen make your decision... We got this..." Niall said helping me up putting his arm around me again. They had a plan... i had no idea what it was but for some reason i thought i could rely on them and i wasn't so nervous after all. I just needed to talk to Kathleen. 

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