Age Is Just A Number

Ok so this is basically like anyother fan fiction right? I mean Louis falls in love with a girl and everyone is happy? am I right? NO! The story line is the same i mean, Louis does fall in love with a girl, Violet, but there is something other than a love triganle and menagement keeping them apart and that my friends is their 7 year age gap.


3. Chapter 3

Louis P.o.v

She had been here nearly an hour and she was already one of us. Niall and Violet were now in a heated discussion about if fried or baked chicken is better and so far I think that she is winning.

“You boys have a sound check in ten.” A tall man who was holding a clipboard and had headphones in said before walking out of the room.

“Oh! I think I should be going…” Violet trailed off looking sadly at each of us.

“Stay! You can be our guest!” Zayn exclaimed happily. I’ve never seen him so relaxed around a stranger before. She looked at me like she was asking permission.

“I AGREE!! NOWWWWWWW LET’S GOOOO!” I exclaimed taking her hand and leading her out into the hallway.


Violet P.o.v

That’s what makes you beautiful!” Harry finished the last note perfectly.

“I’m soooo happy that this will be like the last time we will have to sing this!” Niall exclaimed jumping down off the stage and walking over to me.

“What did you think?” they asked me in sync.

“It was perfect! Those girls are going to die!” I exclaimed and Niall gave me a world famous Horan hug and the other boys cheered and high fived each other.

“What’s the time?” I asked looking up at Liam who had his IPhone out.

“Ummm four.” He said looking up at me with a huge smile.

“Thank you!” I yelled back so he could hear. I climbed up onto the stage and was instantly pulled into hugs from Larry.

“Your hair smells nice.” Harry stated and before I knew it I had the whole of One Direction trying to sniff my hair. I rolled my eyes and laughed when Liam and Lou started to play fight.

“$5 ON Liam!” Niall screamed.

“$19 ON LOU!” I screamed back. Niall held out his hand and I shook it, accepting his bet. We all stood in a circle and watched as Liam and Lou rolled around on the ground laughing and mucking around.

“I WIN!” Louis screamed and I gave Niall the ‘pay up’ motion with my hand.

“You may only be thirteen but you sure know who to bet on.” Niall grumbled as he placed the money into the palm of my hand. I smiled happily and placed the money onto my pocket.

“Soooo what now boys?” I asked looking at a tired Lou and a pouting Liam.

“I think that those two should get cleaned up before our stylist sees them.” Zayn suggested. Lou and Liam bolted back to the changing rooms.

“She that scary hey?” I asked basically seeing the dust fly behind the two boys.

“She almost murdered Niall when he spilt water on his pants.” Harry explained wrapping an arm around my shoulders. I just nodded.

“Soooo Tomo said that you could sing…” Niall trailed off while casually holding his guitar and looking me in the eye. I rolled my eyes and smiled sweetly.

“I’ll sing…if you can catch me!” I exclaimed and ran out off the stage and past a lot of very important looking people who were running around like little ants.

“NO FAR!” I heard Niall yell ing the distance. I took a left and found myself in a bathroom sort of thingy. There was a shower, a basin, a toilet and a built in cupboard. I flung the cupboard open and ran into the pitch black.

“Hellooooo.” I jumped when I hear Louis’s voice behind me.

“SHhhhh!! They boys want me to sing.” I whispered while placing a hand over his mouth, which he just licked. “Ewww that’s gross!” I whisper exclaimed and Lou just chuckled.

“Why don’t you sing?” he asked as I sat down next to a pile of old coats.

“I can only sing really good if a song matches my mood.” I explained and I knew that he was nodding.

“I get what you mean, I think it’s like that for most artist.” He said. I could fell his sit beside me on the cold concrete floor.

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