Age Is Just A Number

Ok so this is basically like anyother fan fiction right? I mean Louis falls in love with a girl and everyone is happy? am I right? NO! The story line is the same i mean, Louis does fall in love with a girl, Violet, but there is something other than a love triganle and menagement keeping them apart and that my friends is their 7 year age gap.


2. Chapter 2

*Louis P.o.v*

When I felt her go limp in my arms I knew that she was asleep so I picked her up and carried her to where Niall was standing.

“What are you doing?!” he exclaimed looking at the girl asleep in my arms.

“Taking her to the dressing room so she can sleep.” I said looking at one of my best mates. “Oh and your guitar is down there.” I said gesturing to the stage with me head. Niall bolted down the stairs and down the stage where his guitar was laying on the stage. I shook my head when he started to stroke it and I walked out of the arena and back to the dressing room. I opened the door and all the boys went silent when they saw the girl in my arms.

“What did you do?!” Zayn exclaimed looking at the limp body in my arms.

“She was singing! I’m insulted by your lack of faith!” I would have placed my hands on my heart but I had a sixteen (well I think she’s sixteen) year old girl in my arms. “Move your fat ass.” I said to Harry who was on the lounge.

“Your one to talk.” He mumbled playfully as I placed her gently on the sofa. Her brown hair was stuck in the tear tracks on her face so I gently brushed them off and gasped when I saw her face.

“What is it?” Zayn asked coming up behind me and gasped as well. She was bloody perfect! She looked like an angel! Her lips were light pink, a perfect cupid’s bow, thick eyelashes, rosy cheeks and long thick brown hair framing her face. I just had to reach out and touch her, to make sure she was real. I stroked her cheek with the back of my hand and her eyelids fluttered open to reveal blue eyes so blue that they appeared violet. Her eyes widened in shock and she sat up slowly.

“Y-y-y-your O-O-O-One Direction.” She stated shakily.

“We sure are.” Liam said smiling warmly at the girl causing her to blush and smile a small smile.

“What am I doing here?” she asked confused at her surroundings. I looked at the boys and everyone was staring at her with open mouths except for Liam, who was extremely loyal to Danielle.

“I heard you singing…” I trailed off when her eyes widened in fear and a slight blush crept into her cheeks. It was like she wasn’t sure if she should be scared or embarrassed.

“Oh! I’m sorry that I’m wasting your time!” she exclaimed and stood too fast and stumbled a little causing me to place my arm on her waist to steady her.

“No, no it’s fine!” I exclaimed and made her sit back down.

“Are you sure?” she asked still unsure.

“Yes.” We chorused. I smiled at her and sat down next to her.

“Sooooo…why were you singing and using Niall’s guitar?” I asked curiosity taking over. Her eyes filled with tears as she remembered the reason for her singing.

“I found out that my boyfriend had been cheating on me for a whole fucking year with a chick five times his age! So I dumped him, even though I loved him.” she was choking up at the end so I pulled her in for a hug and she hugged back with a strength I didn’t know she contained. She let go, whipped her eyes and gave me a small smile.

“So what’s your name?” Harry asked, speaking for the first time since she woke up.

“Violet!” she exclaimed happily smiling a full smile that made me dizzy.

“I thought it was Bella!” Harry exclaimed making Violet blush like crazy.

*Violet  P.o.v*

I looked down and blushed like a mad man. Harry styles just called me beautiful! ME! I looked back and Louis still had that dumbfound look on his face which was creepy.

“That guy is a dick!” Louis exclaimed randomly making me laugh.

“Agreed!” all the other boys chorused making me laugh harder. Once I caught my breath the other boys sat on the floor and looked up at me.

“Soooooo a game of 20 questions?” Zayn asked.

“Sure!” I smiled

“Ok….how old are you?” Liam asked looking at me curiously.

“Thirteen.” I said smiling and all the boys’ mouths fell open. “What??” I asked worried.

“You look older!” Harry exclaimed with wide eyes.

“I always get told that.” I sigh and sink back into the lounge and close my eyes. They were going to throw me out now and I was going to have to go back to school! Than back to that place where my parents lived, I couldn’t call it a home…a war zone is more fitted.

“Hey it’s ok! Just a shock.” Louis said pulling my hands away from my face. I could see traces of disappointment in his beautiful features but he hid it well.

“Ok!” I smiled and looked at the other boys.

“Shouldn’t you be in school?” Liam asked and I shook my head.

“And I thought all those fan fictions were over exaggerating about you being sensible!! Yes I am but considering what I discovered I think that I deserve a little while away.” I said shaking my head at the beginning.

“Well why are you here? In this building? Why didn’t you go home?” he asked looking concerned.

“Well considering what happened today, I think I have every right to be here!” I exclaimed trying to stop the tears from falling. Louis wrapped his arm over my shoulders and I buried my face in the crook of his neck.

“And I wouldn’t call it a home… more like a place I live.” I said pulling away from Lou to see the boys faces lit with curiosity.

“What do you mean?” Zayn asked coming over and sitting on my other side. Was I about to explain something which I had never told anyone to a group of strangers?

“I’m actually Australian. My parents decided that it would be nice to move to England and start a life, so not to long after my sister was born we moved here. Everything was the same as it was in Australia at the begging, mum loved dad and dad loved mum. But one day I came home and they were yelling and throwing things at each other, later on they turned to pick on me but soon stopped before Kelly could see. They are always fighting one way or another and I hate it!” I exclaimed the end part as I closed my eyes in frustration. I could feel Louis tense up at my side and Zayn climb off the lounge.

“How old is Kelly?” Niall asked placing a hand on my knee. I slowly opened my eyes and met his blue ones.

“Four.” I said simply. Niall shook his head and his eyes were bleeding with sympathy. I hadn’t ever told anyone that and it kind of surprised me that I was so open to a bunch of guys who probably don’t give a crap.

“What’s your favourite type of food?” Liam asked trying to lighten the mood.

“I’ve gutta go with Kangaroo on the barbeque!” I exclaimed rubbing my stomach smiling.

“Australians eat kangaroo?!?” Louis exclaimed in shock.

“Uhhh yer…” I trailed off a little confused by his shock.

“I thought that they were endangered!” he exclaimed and I burst out laughing.

“Oh LOUIS! They have special farms where they breed kangaroos to eat! We don’t eat wild ones!” I exclaimed still giggling at his stupidity.

“Oh.” He blushed and looked at the ground.

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