1 in a Million

Leanna didn't have the best home life,her dad was abusive and her mom had passed away a few years back.Most of the time she sleeps over at her best friend Zoe's house.Leanna world is turned upside down when Zoe enters a contest for one direction tickets...and wins.


1. Welcome to the Pain

"Please don't hurt me again" I whimpered.He raised his hand and struck me right across the face.Pain seared across my cheek."if I didn't hurt you then you wouldn't learn." He spat, punching me in the gut again. "now get out of my sight you whore." He grumbled. Gladly, I scampered way and headed into my room. I pulled up my shirt and looked into the mirror. Why did Zoe insist on me staying later?!? I groaned as I looked at my newfound bruises. They were on my arms,my legs and now, a hand mark on my face. How the hell am I supposed to hide these! I threw on sweats and a t-shirt and hopped into bed with my phone. I quickly dialed Zoe's number and she immediately answered. "Hello,Zoe speaking." She croaked. I choaked back my tears and manged to say, "he did it again." Zoe gasped and said "Leanna we have to do something about him,he can't do this to you." I started sobbing again and whimpered, " apparently he can." "That's it Leanna you are staying with me tomorrow." "Okay,goodnight Zoe." I whispered. I hung up and walked over to my mirror and looked at my face. My brown hair was matted and my normally bright blue eyes looked dull and grey. I put my hair in a bun and jumped into a dreamless sleep.

I will update this when it gets at least 10 likes!!!
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