1 in a Million

Leanna didn't have the best home life,her dad was abusive and her mom had passed away a few years back.Most of the time she sleeps over at her best friend Zoe's house.Leanna world is turned upside down when Zoe enters a contest for one direction tickets...and wins.


2. The Morning After

I woke up to the sharp loud beeping of my alarm clock. I groaned and rolled out of bed. Hesitantly,I tip toed down the stairs to my relief my step father was gone. My phone went off and I grabbed it off the counter and read the text.

Im gonna pick u up at 8!!! -Z

Looking at the clock, I started to get ready. I pulled on a pair of white shorts that came just above mid thigh and put on a light blue tank top that had ruffles going down the middle.

I looked out the window and saw dark clouds slowly rolling in. Sighing I jogged up the stairs and grabbed my favourite lime green hoody.

I zipped it up and threw on my flip flops. It was about 8 now so Zoe should be here any minute. Grabbing my keys of the counter,I opened the door and stepped into the cool fall air.

Zoe pulled up in her dads pickup truck and yelled hop in!

I slid into the passengers seat and stared at the road. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed Zoe looking at my legs.

"You didn't even cover them up." Zoe mumbled. I looked down at my legs and ran my fingers over the bruises. "I'm tired of hiding." I whispered.

First of all I would like to say SORRY FOR TAKING SO LONG!!!! Vacation which was awesome XDD I will be updating on Sundays and I think I will be calling my fans my chubby penguins ok? Comment if u have a better idea!!!!!

~Mother chubby penguin
(aka Nicky
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