She's Not You: Niall Horan Fan Fiction

Niall is left heartbroken when his girlfriend dies of cancer. He dosen't eat as much, he only comes out of his room when necessary, and he's always depressed. He can't get Jayden out of his mind, until he meets Hope. He noticies she resembles Jayden in alot of ways. As a romance starts between these two, Niall begins to wonder if he's only with Hope because she reminds him of Jayden.


3. Your My Everything.

I went over to my closet, and opened the door. I had two boxes that were filled with photos. My bare feet walked across the cream colored carpet. I sat on the edge of my bed and opened the box. The first thing I saw was her beautiful face. I picked up the stack of phots that were in there, and examined each and every one. All the photos were of me and her. I saw a tear fall on the picture I was holding. It was a picture of us kissing. I wiped my tears away, I had to stop crying over her. She was gone. And there was nothing I could do to bring her back.

I heard the door creak open, but I didn't bother to look up. The person sat beside me on my bed, as I continued to look through the pictures. I came across one of me, her and the boys in a group picture. Jayden was on my back, Louis was kissing Harry's cheek, Liam and Zayn had made funny faces, and we were all smiling. We were having fun. I remember that day as if it was yesterday.

"That was a fun day." I heard the voice beside me say, who I recognized as Zayn. I nodded my head in agreement, and let out a shaky laugh. I looked up at Zayn who was still looking at the picture, with tears forming in his eyes.

"Yeah, it was." I said.

"Niall, you've been in here for days. Go take a shower then meet us downstairs, we're going to Nando's." Zayn told me. I nodded as Zayn walked out of the room. I guess it was time to get out of the house for a bit. And, I smelled disguisting.

I went into the bathroom and stripped my body bare of clothes. When I set the water temperature to what I like, I hopped in. I flinched as the hot water hit my body, then put my head back and let the water drip all over my hair and face. When I reached for the shampoo, I saw Jayden's strawberry scented shampoo was still here. She always had her shampoo here because she slept over basically every night. I took mine shampoo that was next to her's and squirted some in my hand.

Once I stepped out of the shower, the cold air hit me like a rocket. I quickly put the towel around my waist and went into my bedroom to get dressed. I rummaged through my drawers and closet, until deciding on a red polo shirt, and a normal pair of jeans.

I made my way downstairs and saw all the boys lounging around watching television. They were watching 'E! News', which happened to be a story about us. Particulary, me and Jayden, and about her death. The boys didn't notice I was there until I let out a little cough. Louis jumped up and immediately flicked the television off.

"Sorry Niall, we didn't know you were there." He said, looking at the ground and scratching the back of his neck.

"It's fine. Ready to go? I haven't eaten in almost two days, and I'm starving." I said. All the boys turned their heads toward me with a smile on their faces. I smiled back and started to walk out the door.


Once we reached our destinationg to Nando's and ordered our food, we sat down at a booth. Luckily, it was 10:00pm on a Wednesday and no one was here, so we didn't get recognized. All the boys were talking about how excited they were for the fans to hear the new album, while I slumped back in my seat playing with the straw in my glass, taking bites of my chicken here and there. Ever since Jayden passed away, I haven't really been in the mood to talk that often.

"What about you, Niall?" I heard Louis ask. I snapped my head up, and noticed everyone's eyes were on me.

"What about me?"

"What is your favourite song off the new album?" Liam asked.

"Oh..uh, Live While We're Young." I said. They nodded their heads and we sat in silence until we finished our meals.


When we arrived back at the hotel, I went straight back into my room and decided to check twitter. I usually tweet alot, but I haven't been on twitter in days. Once I logged on, I noticed thousands of fans were tweeting me asking if I was okay, and how I was holding up. All the fans were using hashtags that said #RIPJayden, #WeLoveJayden, and RIPNiallsPrincess. I then noticed that those were all trending. I smiled at how loving our fans were. My mentions were filled with fans telling me how sorry they were for my loss. And the occassional hate message.

1D_Lover: @NiallOfficial , Rest In Peace Jayden. We all love and miss you. #RIPJayden #WeLoveJayden #RIPNiallsPrincess.

MeghanLynn: @NiallOfficial , So sorry for you loss, Niall. Hang in there. #RIPJayden.

NiallsPrincess1: @NiallOfficial , Thank god she's dead. She never deserved Niall.

I quickly slammed my laptop shut. I don't really care anymore about hate sent towards me, but it tears me apart when they send hate towards my girlfriend. I layed down on my back and stared at the ceiling. All I could think about was Jayden. People say no one is perfect. Jayden had flaws, like everyone, but she was perfect to me.

She was my everything.


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