She's Not You: Niall Horan Fan Fiction

Niall is left heartbroken when his girlfriend dies of cancer. He dosen't eat as much, he only comes out of his room when necessary, and he's always depressed. He can't get Jayden out of his mind, until he meets Hope. He noticies she resembles Jayden in alot of ways. As a romance starts between these two, Niall begins to wonder if he's only with Hope because she reminds him of Jayden.


5. New Life.

"Okay, so the fans want to know, who here is single?" The interviewer, Clara, asked as she smiled at us. My heart sank. This was one of the questions I dreaded to hear in an interview, but I knew it was going to happen sooner or later. I shifted in my seat uncomfortably as Louis, Zayn and Liam raised their hands. I didn't want to raise my hand, but I am single now. As much as I hated admitting that to myself, it was true.

I raised my hand slightly and dropped after a few seconds. My eyes were locked on my lap, where my hands were fiddling with each other.

"I thought you had a girlfriend, Niall?" Clara asked. I slowly lifted my head up and saw her confused face. I sighed knowing she musn't know what happened to Jayden.

"Um... no." I managed to croak out. I didn't know what else to say. She nodded as she noticed my discomfort and teary eyes. As she changed the subject, my head looked around the room. There were lots of brunettes, and everytime a saw a girl with brown hair, Jayden immediately flowed through my mind. I know Jayden would want me to move on, but I can't find the courage to do so. She was my whole world, and she's gone. Just like that.

My hand found it's way to my arm as I had an itch. As my fingers landed on something cold, I looked down and saw the bracelet Jayden had given me for Christmas last year. I smiled at the memory.


"Open my present first." Jayden said excitedly. Her beautiful eyes twinkled as she handed me a little box. I smiled as her before taking the lid off. It revealed a black bracelet with a silver part that said 'Forever and Always'. My smile grew bigger as I clasped it on to my wrist.

"So, do you like it? I know it's not the best gift ever, but I though this wa-" I cut her off from her rambling and smiled.

"I absolutely love it. It's perfect. Thank you." I said as I kissed her softly.

End of Flashback

I fiddled with it as the boys answered questions.

This was my new life now. Life without her. And I had to aceept that. No matter how hard it will be.






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