She's Not You: Niall Horan Fan Fiction

Niall is left heartbroken when his girlfriend dies of cancer. He dosen't eat as much, he only comes out of his room when necessary, and he's always depressed. He can't get Jayden out of his mind, until he meets Hope. He noticies she resembles Jayden in alot of ways. As a romance starts between these two, Niall begins to wonder if he's only with Hope because she reminds him of Jayden.


1. Jayden.

The tears were carelessly flowing down my face as I stared at my beautiful girlfriend. Her face was pale, her cheeks were sunken, her usually bright green eyes were always dull, she had bags under her eyes, and her brown curly hair was flat, but she was perfect.

She dosen't deserve this, no one deserves this. She gets skinnier each day, and she barely wakes up anymore. The doctors said she could die at any moment. I still have hope though. I am still waiting for that day when I can feel her in my arms, feel her lips against mine, and take her home. I'm waiting for the day when we can go home and sing together like we used to everyday.


My insides were turning as I was waiting in line to audition for the X-Factor. My mother kept reassuring me I was going to do fine, and I was going to get in. But, I knew I had no chance. I turned around to see how long the line had gotten, but was distarcted when my eyes landed on the most beautiful face ever. She had long brown, bouncy hair. Electrifying green eyes, full pink lips, and long, lush eyelashes. Her eyes met mine and we stared at each other until I saw a girl next to her hit her arm and scowl her for not paying attention to listening her. I turned around and all I heard was that girl telling the beautiful girl how nervous she was. I was a little dissappointed that she wasn't the one trying out. I would probably never see her again.

End Flashback

"Niall." I heard that beautiful voice croak. I snapped out of my thoughts and took her hand in mine. We have been dating for two years and everytime we touch I still get shivers.

"I'm here, baby." I said to her as she turned her head and her eys met mine. I smiled at her, in which she returned a weak smile.

"I love you." She said, on the verge of tears. I felt tears drip from my face. As much as I tried to hold them back, they kept coming.

"I love you too." She reached her shaky hand out and wiped away my tears. She put her hand back down and closed her eyes. I then see doctors and nurses rushing in the room gathering around her bed. I got up out of the chair that was beside the bed and ran into the hallway not wanting to see anymore. I slid down the wall and put my head in my hands. That's when I broke down. I felt a pair of arms around me, I looked up and saw Harry looking down at me. He pulled me closer and I cried into his chest.

I lost the love of my life.

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