She's Not You: Niall Horan Fan Fiction

Niall is left heartbroken when his girlfriend dies of cancer. He dosen't eat as much, he only comes out of his room when necessary, and he's always depressed. He can't get Jayden out of his mind, until he meets Hope. He noticies she resembles Jayden in alot of ways. As a romance starts between these two, Niall begins to wonder if he's only with Hope because she reminds him of Jayden.


2. Gone. Forever.

I watched as they lowered her casket into the ground. I felt a tear drop from my right eye, traveling slowly down my cheek, but quickly wiped it away. I didn't want to look weak in front of everyone, though I was broken. My heart was shattered and I knew there was no way to repair it. It was shattered forever.

She was the best thing that has ever happened to me, and now she's gone. And she's never coming back. I don't know how I'm going to continue life without her. She was the one who comforted me when I was nervous about a show. She was the one who helped me not care what the haters thought. She was the one to pick me up when I fell. She was there. She was always there.

I was startled out of my thoughts when someone put theie hand on my shoulder. I noticed the tears were pouring out of me at a very fast rate. When I looked over, Zayn was standing there, smiling at me apologetically. I tried to give him a smile back, but miserably unsucceeded.

"Ready to go home?" He asked. I looked around and noticed everyone who attended the funeral, was now gone.

"I think I'm gonna stay here for a bit." I said. He nodded, gave me an engouraging squeeze on my shoulder, and turned around to catch up with the other boys. I stared at Jayden's grave, replaying all of our memories in my head.


This was the first time the boys and I would be performing on stage together as a group. I mean, we performed for the judges at their houses as a group, but this was a stage in front of thousonds of people. I looked around and noticed Juliet Chase - one of the contestants - jogging off stage and running into a girl's arms who was waiting for her backstage. When they released each other from their hold, my heart stopped. It was her. The beautiful girl who I had seen with that other girl in the line. How did I not realize that 'that other girl' was Juliet Chase? Juliet and I have become pretty good friends, but she musn't remember me either, because she hasn't mentioned that day. Before I knew it, Juliet was standing in front of me, with the beautiful girl beside her.

"Hey, Niall!" She said cheerfully, obviously excited about the rush she got from stage.

"Hey, Juliet." I smiled at her. My eyes kept flickering to the beautiful girl every few seconds.

"I want you to meet my sister, Jayden." Juliet said, pointing to the girl. Jayden. At least I know her name now, instead of calling her 'the beautiful girl'.

"Hi." She shared a earth shaking smile.

"H-Hello." I stuttered. I heard Juliet chuckle beside me, I didn't look over because all my attention was averted to Jayden.

End Flashback

"I'll love you till' the day I die." I said as I touched Jayden's name that was carved into the stone. I my eyesight get blurry from tears. I turned around to leave before tears poured out of me.

She was gone.



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