Live while we're young, i want to be forever young.<3

Destrie, quiet and collected, her sister not so much. they cant stand eachother. but all of that started after a meeting with harry styles, returning in summers and failing at keeping a friendship. what happens when he is famous and transfers? what will her sister do? will destrie go back to her dangerous past?. read to find out!


2. chapter two.


"get your ass up!" the blanket was pulled tight about my head, almsot suffocating me. i untangled myself from the comforter. "DESTRIE!! GET UP!" my speaker was blaring, i hit the call button "ALRIGHT!" my sister... great way to start the day. i sat up and rubbed my head. looking at the time, i was 20 minutes late. "SHIT!" i breathed. i ran into my bathroom and jumped into the cold shower. getting done washing and rinsing my hair in 5 minutes i wrapped a towel around my shivering body. grabbing the blow dryer and putting it on high and blew it through my hair. i brushed through my dampish hair and put it to a braid on the side, not really wanting to deal with frizz.

iran into my room and into my closet. i grabbed a pair of matching black underwear set and a gray tanktop. grabbing a pair of skinny jeans i did a little dance to get them all the way up. i was practically a stick, i hated it. i've been doing these eating habits thats helped me gain some weight. i didnt want to look like a board. people thought i was anorexic at one point. i through an over sized blue cardigan on and went to my make up and to brush my teeth. mint filling my mouth i smiled pleased. i put a thick amouth of mascara on the make my eyelashes look long, grabbing a make up brush and blending a gray and peach color to make my eyes pop. brushing on some cover up i ran out with my backpack and phone in hand.

i entered the house, noticing my mom and dad making breakfast together and my sister sitting at the island playing on her laptop. i sighed and threw my stuff on the counter and sat on a stool farthest from my sister. "hey babygirl" i smiled as my dad walked over and kissed my forehead. "morning dad" i said politely. "dad. can i leave now?" ruth asked impatiently. i heard him saw, "baby, you need to calm down. breathe in-" "enough with the hippie talk dad. its all bullshit." this was a typical morning. "ruth, you dont always have to be rude. i mean he is our dad" i said giving her a little glare. "oh i dont want to hear it." she scoffed at me. "whatever. dad, i have to go early to finish a test" i said with a sad smile and gave him a kiss on the cheek, doing the same to my mom. "bye darling!" i walked out and onto the street. i walked to school, liking the fact that i could actually breathe and have time away from ruth. me and ruth never used to be like this, we used to get along and play together. but then came the summer going into 8th grade. we were at a summer camp and she started getting interested in boys.


i sat in the eating area nibbling on my breakfast burrito. "oooooo, Destrie, that boy is cute. SAME WITH THAT ONE!" i was getting annoyed with her. "ruthy, can we talk about something other than boys for 2 seconds?" i sighed. "dont be a party pooper" she mumbled. i threw the remains of my food into the trash and walked outside. god she needs to calm down. "GUYS STOP!!?!?" i froze, i heard please for help. i followed the voices to see a group of people huddled together. i pushed through everyone and gasped at what was in front of me. a boy was being cornered and teased.

i grabbed the boys that were about to hit him and pushed them away, standing in front of the crouched body "go!" i yelled. "and if i dont?" one of the older boys asked. "then you get hit where the sun dont shine" i said with a smirk. the boy rolled his eyes at me. crossing my arms over my chest. "no. you dont need to help me." i turned and face the boy who was blocking his head. i ignored his way of pushing me away.

in one swift move i turned and kicked the big guy in the balls. he dropped to the ground, his breathign becoming heavy. i turned back around and put my arm out to pull the boy that was on the ground up. we walked away from teh crowd that was staring at me in awe. stopping at a bench, i finally got a good look at the boy. he had dark curly hair, he kept his face from showing to me.

i found my voice "you ok?" i asked nicely. he faintly nodded not once looking up. "what happened?" i asked politely. his accent surprised me. "im not from here so they were playing pranks..." "where are you from?" "cheshire. in england.." "long way from home.." "you could say that. i only come here in the summer with my family.." "really? where?" "hansville" he finally looked up, his eyes were a deep green and glossy. "thats like 10 minutes from my town" i said with a smile. "im Destrie by the way" i put my hand out, he put his hand in mine and shook it. "im harry"

--end of flashback--

that summer started everything. but when he first met ruth, lets just say they didnt hit it off like me and harry had. she would constantly flirt with him, but he would act like he didnt notice. but at one point, i started to like him. i would never admit it to anyone so i wrote it into poems and songs. well ruth found them and spread rumors about it around the whole school. i couldnt face anyone after that. after that me and her would fight more and more, throwing low blows at eachother. sometimes, i wish i never liked him so i didnt have to deal with my sister. but with him visiting for the next 2 summer, he stopped coming. we barely ever talked, neither trying to keep in contact. i desperatly wanted to, but he had his own life, and i had to pretend like i had one.

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