Live while we're young, i want to be forever young.<3

Destrie, quiet and collected, her sister not so much. they cant stand eachother. but all of that started after a meeting with harry styles, returning in summers and failing at keeping a friendship. what happens when he is famous and transfers? what will her sister do? will destrie go back to her dangerous past?. read to find out!


3. chapter three


i was so caught up in thinking about the past that i made it to school faster than usual. i saq the familiar black convertable that my sister and her friends would normally ride in. i put my head down adn continued to walk into the first building. "can you wear a bigger cardigan? or are you too scared to show the skin and bones you call a body?" i turned to see my sister smirking at me. no regret showing on her face. i rolled my eyes at her and continued to walk away, if i knew one thing about my sister is that she hates when she doesnt get a reaction out of someone, so that exactly what i did.

marching to my locker, my lips in a tight line i shoved my binder in there. "Destrie!" i turned to see a fuming ruth. i smirked at her, none of her friends around her. "yes sister dearest?" i said in a nasty tone."dont even call me that. and whatever you pulled back there... lets just say you need to watch you;re back." "is that a threat ruth?" i said faking innocence. "no.. its a warning." "oh a warning?" i said, now totally confused. "your such a dumbass..." with that she stalked off, her heels clicking down the halls.

"well she hasnt changed." "yeah your telling me." wait... i turned and saw a boy standing by me. his hair long and curly with green eyes. my own eyes widened as a recognised who it was. he was casually leaning against the wall smirking at my expression. "har-harry? what are you doing here?" "oh you know, hanging out. going to school" his smile grew. "your going here now?" "yeah me and a couple friends actually!" this is too wierd.. i was thinking about him this morning and now he's here. twilight zone. "sooo. do i get a hug?" he question, holding his arms open and a easy smile playing on his lips.

i gave a smile and stepped into his arms. he pulled my tight until i thought my head was gonna pop. "harry. head. hurts. no. air." he chuckled and let go. "you've changed harry!" i said with a laugh. "yeah last time you saw me, i had a high pitch voice that cracked all the time.." "and you grew" i hinted. he pointed a finger at me, putting my hands up in defense "last time i checked des, you were pretty short, and still are" he smirked.

i rolled my eyes at him. "well harry, i have to go" i was about to turn and leave until i felt him grab my wrist "eat lunch with me and my friends? we need someone to help us out" it sounded more of a statement rather than a question. i shrugged and smiled. "sure thing! but i have to get to p.e.." "hey! niall has that class! i told the guys all about you by the way," i froze, oh no. "please tell me nothing about me being a ditz.." he looked away, avoiding my eyes. well that answered my question. i groaned and stalked off to p.e.

i was dressed and my hair up in a pony tail. starting with a daily jog. uh. exercise was not my thing... "come on bones! you dont want to get fat do you?" my sister and her friends ran by. i narrowed my eyes but continued to run. there were mainly girls in my class with an exception of 2 boys, well now 3. he was tall and had blonde hair, he looked so confused. i took a deep breathe and ran up to him. "niall?" i questioned.

he froze. "do you want an autograph or picture?" but he managed to keep a smile on his face. i cocked my head to the side confused. "wait-what? no no, harry told me to say hi and make you feel welcome!" i said with a smile. "dezzy?" he asked. oh god. that nickname. "he told you about that nickname." he chuckled. "he told us about how how you got it..." i groaned "he would.. that ass hat.." he laughed at my embarassment. "LEMONS! GET TO RUNNING!" i sighed "wanna run together?" he nodded and we slowly jogged. "lemons? like the fruit?" he questioned. "yeaaaah. my parents changed their last name. " he looked completely lost. i laughed at his expression. "they were hippies and they believe that the 70's will never die!" he stifled laughter. "its fine, laugh it out! i did too" i said with a smirk.


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