Live while we're young, i want to be forever young.<3

Destrie, quiet and collected, her sister not so much. they cant stand eachother. but all of that started after a meeting with harry styles, returning in summers and failing at keeping a friendship. what happens when he is famous and transfers? what will her sister do? will destrie go back to her dangerous past?. read to find out!


7. chapter seven.


"harry! get your bony ass of of mee!" i whined. i was smushed between the couch and harry's ass, all because i said that we had to get rid of my cat. "WHY WOULD YOU GET RID OF IT! CATS ARE SO CLUFFY!!!" "cluffy?" i questioned. this boy is definately on some drug.. "cute and fluffy mixed" he said in a "duh" tone. i rolled my eyes at him, even though he couldnt see. "im sorry styler! ruth didnt want snappy anymore!" he finally slid off of me but soon put his head on my thighs smiling up at me. this boy... "you really think im gonna play with your hair after your ass left 2 bruises on my legs" i smirked. his eyes widened and his bottom lip puckered out. was this kid born yesterday? "styler, you know that doesnt work on me.." his face dropped at the relization.

we were on the couch in "my house" and we were trying to watch spongebob. my loud speaker blared through the room. "dear. get these boys away from your sister, she just might kill them, or... hump them.." i snickered at the tone in my mothers voice. harry looked up at me "they boys didnt ring or anything.." "oh no. harry we have to save them from.."  i fake gulped and looked around scared. "the ruthanator!" he squealed but played along with me. "ohhh nooo! DEZZY! WE HAVE TO SAVE MY LOU LOU!" he jumped up and pulled me to my feet. i stumbled a little and knocked into him causing me to fall right on my butt, harry tried to keep a straight face, but his lip quivering caused me to shoot a little glare towards him. he held his hand out and pulled me up. "god dez, your freezing" he held my hand in both of his and i was instantly starting to get warm. "im sorry im not a space heater!" i joked. 

he rolled his eyes and leaned over and threw blanket at me and wrapped me up like i was a standing burrito. "what happened to saving yout precious lou lou?" i said with a smirk. his eyes widened and he ran out, leaving me to slowly waddle as fast as i could. as i approached the front door that led to a pathway to the main house, i realized i had to go down the stairs. god dammit harry.  i looked down at the 4 stairs in front of me. lets do this poo. i did a little hop and managed not to fall. i was so focused on the stairs when i heard teh screetch of boys running over to the house behind me, my eyes widened. i made myself as small as i could and squished my eyes closed. please dont hit me please dont hit me. i heard 2 people zoom past me and i actually didnt get hit, when i opened my eyes i saw niall running with an armful of food and harry walking behind him yelling at the top of his lungs. "SWAG! YOLO! SWAGGIE!" niall ran in but harry stopped in front of me. he smirked. "what took you so long dez?" "well mr. swagmasta-" "THATS ME! HARRY! YOU STEALER!" i swear, i dont understant half the things louis says. "anyways styles, im a walking human burrito, wait let me change that. a WADDLING human burrito." his grin grew, and he had a mischievious glint in his eyes.

i was scooped up into his arms. "harry? oh god harry dont you dare!" the rest of the guys were sitting on the couch.  i tried to wiggle my arms out but it was useless. his eyes were focused on something but the blanket kept me from looking. "haz? what are you doing to her?" i heard liam ask.  "you'll see" when he stopped i felt one of his arms leave my back and teh rustling of something under me. "harry what that fuck is that?" i asked, now starting to get really worried. "you remember when you replaced my pudding with mud.. this is payback" he smirked. shit. i was being placed in something i couldnt pull my arms or legs out of the blanket. harry put me in a fucking box. i huffed as i tried to rip the box apart. yeah didnt really work. "STYLES!" i bellowed.

he was leaning on the wall for support because he was laughing so hard. that ass hat.. the boys came waltzing in to see what harry was just about pissing himself laughing at. they looked at me and soon joined him.  i continued to huff and wiggle but nothing worked. i bit my bottom lip in concentration. ohhh harry your sooo gonna get it later. i knocked onto one side of the box a little too hard and the box tipped. i spilled out and slammed onto the tile ground. my elbow killing me, great a bruise. the guys were stilling laughing their asses off. time to turn on the tears. i smirked to myself and buried my head more into the blanket and made little sniffle sounds. harry knows i broke my arm and i took the cast off 2 months early so it hasnt fully healed. i mean yeah my arm was killing me but is more about the revenge.

"guys i think she's hurt!" i heard zayn gasp. i made my eyes water and continued to sniffle."oww" i moaned.i heard someone kneel down beside me, i looked up at harry who now looked worried. he untangled me from the blanket and pulled me up, i held onto my arm and kept up my act. "dez, what happened?" "my broken arm" i groaned. i heard him intake a breathe and gently sat me up, sprinting for the mini fridge i have. i looked up at the other boys, they all looked worried, i winked at them and smiled. zayn and liam's mouths dropped, niall looked confused and louis sent me a wide grin, as i heard harry's feet pounding back over i turned my little actress switch on. "i totally forgot about that dez im so sorry!" he pleaded. i had to bite my lip to keep from laughing. "harry. i need to tell you something" i said quietly, not trusting my voice to keep from laughing. "what is it dez?" he said, his voiced worried.  i looked up at him and smirked. "your gullible" his eyes widened and mouth dropped. "GOD DAMN DESTRIE!" he yelled, sighing in relief. "she had you going mate!" niall chuckled. i stood up and put my hands on my hips. "be careful harold" i smirked.


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