Live while we're young, i want to be forever young.<3

Destrie, quiet and collected, her sister not so much. they cant stand eachother. but all of that started after a meeting with harry styles, returning in summers and failing at keeping a friendship. what happens when he is famous and transfers? what will her sister do? will destrie go back to her dangerous past?. read to find out!


1. chapter one.

so. to start off the story. i should probably introduce myself. my name is Destrie Lemons, i am a short 5'5 and i have long chocolate brown hair that ends just at the middle of my back. i have brown eyes that change from golden brown to a dark reddish brown. Destrie Lemons...wierd name i know. my parents were those hippies that thought the 70's never died. i go to a school in Washington state, a place full of snobby pot heads. cool right?.. im a senior this year, so i can get out of this hell hole.

at my school, im just average. i keep to myself, trying to stay under the radar. i have a sister, lets just say she's popular. her name is Ruth, yup she got the normal name i didnt. at school me and my sister avoided eachother like the plague. people didnt even know we were related. i didnt want to bring down her precious reputation. so, we told people that our parents were friends. you wouldnt even think me and my sister were in anyway related. i was more quiet and distant, she was more loud,obnoxious,drunkie,partier,stoner,hateful,rude... this list could go on.obviously we dont get along. so i do everything it takes to stay out of her way.

my parents may be hippies but they are damn smart. they work at high class business companies. its about saving the rain forest and fundraisers. mainly those kind of things. we had a coast house, by the ferries and beach. my sister and parents stayed in the house, while i stayed in the pool house. no its not like the whole my parents hate me thing. i asked them if i could stay out there, i wanted distance and to be by myself. so here's my story. it may be sad, happy, unbelieveable but it happened.


thank you for reading guys!<3 xx

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