Live while we're young, i want to be forever young.<3

Destrie, quiet and collected, her sister not so much. they cant stand eachother. but all of that started after a meeting with harry styles, returning in summers and failing at keeping a friendship. what happens when he is famous and transfers? what will her sister do? will destrie go back to her dangerous past?. read to find out!


5. chapter five


i was getting ansy. by far my favorite class was next, music. there i was surrounded by people who would hear me out and not judge me. i had to do my test today so i was nervous. my guitar already in the classroom and this song stuck in my head. i was playing small bump from ed sheeran, yeah yeah yeah sad song i know. but i love it to death.

i was drumming my fingers on the desk, right after music it was the end of the day. i was biting my lip. ive only ever sang in front of the class once, and they could barely hear me. so the teacher was hooking up a microphone so i can actually be heard. my heart lurched as i heard the bell dismissing us to our last period. i stood up and made my way to the classroom where i have to fully face my fears. i was ready, i could do this. this sudden burst in confidence had me sprinting to class with a smile plastered on my face. speed walking through the doorway i sat in my usual chair in the back of the room where no one could really see me.. just cause i was able to be somewhat myself here doesnt mean im gonna be all out there. thats just not me. i was fidgeting in my seat, nerves getting to me.

i bit into my lip. everyone piled into th classroom, i kept my eyes on the back of the chair in front of me. the teacher went through her little lesson. "ok class, we have one more test that we have to critique on. will miss. lemon come up here. my eyes buldged out of my head. i slowly stood up, trying to tear my eyes away from everyone. but there were people i desperately wanted to disappear. all of the boys were there, in the back of the room. all of them smiling at me reassuringly. i gulped and grabbed my guitar from the case. putting the strap on and over my shoulders i tested to make sure it was tuned. closing my eyes i played the first cords, opening my mouth, i started to sing. keeping it from shaking i looked around the room, people looking at me intently as i played. i continued to make eye contact with everyone, meeting a pair of green eyes i sang that last part.

"your just a small bump unborn, in four months then torn from life, maybe you were needed up there but we're still unaware as why." i took in a deep breathe as i saw harry stand on his feet and clap. grinning from ear to ear, i felt myself blush and was about to turn around to sit down but a hand stopped me. "we have to go over you performance. so sit on the stool." i froze. oh no. i simply nodded and sat down. keeping my head down i was quietly cursing myself. "ok class. lets give some feed back." i cringed a little. "no one gonna say anything?" the teacher asked. "i do actually" "well mr. styles. what do you have to say" she beamed. "i thought it was absolutely brilliant" i whipped my head up and gave him a confused look, he simply grinned at me. the boys nodded their heads at harry's statement. i felt my cheeks go pink. "is that all class?" "actually. she needs to practice more.. she seems tone deaf."

i looked in the door way to see my sister leaning on it casually. i glared at her. "last time i checked you werent in this class" i practically hissed. "well when you hear something sounding like an animal dying you have to invesigate." i felt my heart shattering more and more. i stood up, rage taking control. i threw my guitar on the ground forcefully. and stalked up to her. my face inches from hers. not the reaction she expected from me. "ruth. shut. the. fuck. up. im done with your harassing bullshit. i honestly can say i have no idea why you hate me so much. i also dont understand why you dont want people to know we're related-" he face turned into a nasty scowl as i said that. faking innocence."oops. i forgot, you dont want anyone to know we're sisters. ruth. you need to grow up and get over youself."

i was about to turn around and walk away. "your such a bitch destrie. cant you see no one likes you. your a waste of space." i turned back around with so much force, oh i wanted to slap her. i felt someone grab me and pull my back against them, i tried to fight against their grip. "ruth go. now" she smirked. "she's a waste of my time anyhoo." and clicked off. i was scowling at her fading figure. "calm down des." the room was silent, everyone probably digesting the fact that me and her shared the same blood.  i shook off the arms restricting me and ran back to my chair to grab my stuff. and walked out the room. "destrie. stop. walking" "harry, i dont want you to get dragged into this drama." "i dont care. your mad and your pretty unpredictable when your mad."

"how would you know harry?! we havent spoke in forever! you didnt try to stay in contact with me, so i gave up." i was pulled to a hault by a hand grabbing mine. "i know. there is so much i need to tell you, then you will understand" "harry, im just overreacting right now. just ignore what i just said." i tried to avoid everything "but dezzy. i want you to know this!" he pulled me down the hallway to a empty bench and sat me down. "ok styler whats going on?" i question. "im in a band. we're famous and we're called one direction" say what...

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