Live while we're young, i want to be forever young.<3

Destrie, quiet and collected, her sister not so much. they cant stand eachother. but all of that started after a meeting with harry styles, returning in summers and failing at keeping a friendship. what happens when he is famous and transfers? what will her sister do? will destrie go back to her dangerous past?. read to find out!


8. chapter eight.


"so where do we sleep?" zayn asked. shit. totally forgot about that. "uhm.. probably in the other house?" i questioned. "please... no.." i laughed at liam's expression. he looked honestly scared. how is it they're changed me from being such a quiet girl to i dont know.. actually talking? "uhm. maybe in here and i can get some sleeping bags and blankets?" i said unsure. no one said anything, all were on their phones. i sighed and walked into the kitchen,

i grabbed a box of pop tart and got a package of the s'mores one. i popped them in the toaster and walked over to the hallway closet by the kitchen, there was only 3 sleeping bags and a bunch of blankets. i grabbed as many as i could, the blankets towered over me.  i shuffled toward what i thought was the way to the kitchen, "what the hell are you doing love?" i recognised niall's voice. "uhm, trying to get stuff for you boys to sleep" i muffled through the blankets pressed against my face. "here i'll help" i felt a good 7 pounds being lifted off my arms. "thank you" i said, no being able to see, the blonde boy smiled, "thanks for letting us stay here, atleast we know people can't get in" i shrugged but kept the smile on my face."its honestly no problem." we walked into the living room laughing from a story niall told me about somethings fans have done at concerts. "YEAH! HARRY GOT HIT STRAIGHT IN THE FACE!" "woah, what did i get hit with?" harry said, worried about what we were talking about. "a tampon" niall said with a bark of a laugh. a flash of disgust went on harry's face as he shuddered a little. i dropped the blankets and sat on them. we formed a little circle, louis and liam on the couch, zayn on a chair and me,niall and harry sitting on the floor. "im bored!" louis shrieked. "whatya wanna do mates?" niall asked. i saw zayn smirk mieschieviously. "truth or dare?" i sighed. this would happen. truth or dare, with 5 boys.. and being the only girl.. that just isnt good. "YEAH!!!!!" louis screamed, he was jumping in his seat.  "awhh, is destrie getting a wittle scared" harry said, fake pouting and teasing me. i glared at him "no styler! im not" he returned the glare when i said styler.

-3 hours later-

"never playing truth or dare with you guys ever again.." i said, trying drink milk to get this horrible taste out of my mouth, harry had honey, chocolate syrup and noodles stuck in his curls, niall has to go 6 more hours until he can eat, louis has to be quiet all day tomorrow, zayn cant fix his hair for a whole day and go with bed head and liam has to be the complete opposite of himself for a whole day, so no "daddy direction" for that long. i have no idea what daddy direction is.. these boys are so confusing. harry was pouting and glaring at louis. all louis did was smile widely at him.

liam walked into the the kitchen "uh, whose pop tarts?" i jumped up and ran to my now cold pop tarts in the toaster.i pouted but took a bite, the taste of pickles, mustard, hot sauce and soy sauce was now replaced with s'mores.  i looked at the clock, it was 11 at night and i had schoo tomorrow. atleast its friday..and then soon winter break. i shoved the last part of my pop tart in my mouth and swallowed. "well boys, as much fun as it is playing truth or dare.. hopefully you guys can sense the sarcarasm.. i have to get to bed, have school tomorrow." i walked by and waved them goodnight, i heard someone start to protest but i was already to my room and closed the door lightly.

i tore my shirt off and put on a purple tank top,slipped on a pair of work out short that were bright blue. i looked at my reflection.  i poked at my ribs and my hip bones. i made a face at myself. "why.." i mumbled to myself. "dez?" i jumped at the sound of harry's voice, in the mirror i saw him in my doorway. "you didnt hear me knocking?" he said raising an eyebrow, "oh uh.. i guess not.." he walked over to me and put his chin on my shoulder. "thank you" he mumbled. i gave a weak smile. "its fine, here to help" he smiled, his dimples showing, when he was little they made him look so young, like right now.. so child like. "so what do we do all day?" i shrugged causing his head to move with my shoulder. "uh. go to school?" i asked with a little smirk. "ok.. well night" he said with a smile, he took his chin off my shoulder and kissed my cheek.

"i've missed you styler" i said as we made eye contact in the mirror. i turned to face him and he enveloped me in a hug, i wrapped my arms around his waist. he rested his chin on my head "i've missed you too Dezzy" he gave me one last squeeze and walked out. he sent me a smile as he closed the door. i sighed, and climbed into bed. school with them tomorrow. thats going to be interesting. i felt my eyes start to close, my harry's back. its like someone heard my call to be saved.


hey guys! sorry i havent updated in awhile. been grounded. gonna have to sneak on to update XD thank you guys for reading<3 xx comment for me

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