A freshman year

well im stands for instant messanger. which is talking through the computer (typeing). This story is im im. this story is about kelly and her best friend lila and her boyfriend jake. its there first year of highschool and alot happend throughout the year. this story includs lots of drama and i hope you enjoy:)


2. party hardy

3:00pm tuseday

kellybelly:heyyy girl whats up?

Lbear: nm hbu? and tommorrows ahalf day ayayayayyayayay what are we gonna do?

Kellybelly: nm and yayayayayay where gonna party hardy:)

Lbear: but for real what are we gonna do?

Kellybelly: idk

Kellybelly ohhh idea!

Lbear: this isent another one of your crazy ideas right?

Kellybelly:i woulded call it crazy

Kellybelly: anyway my idea, jake is haveing a party tonight so i was thinking...

Lbear: ughghg! kelly noooo

Kellybelly: why not!?!

Lbear: Because you always end up ditching me to make out with him and dont say would you rather bebright next to us because i wouldent.

Kellybelly: i promise i wont

Lbear: and you always get wasted and im always the one to hold your hair as you throw up.

kellybelly: im sorry:( then what do you wana do?

Lbear: why dont you come over and well have pajamma party day

kellybelly: party day?

Lbear: well its not night so...

kellybelly: sounds fun but...

Lbear: kel no

Kellybelly: how about we go out to eat then to a day party?

Lbear: they have those?

kellybelly: teens dont only drink at night you no.

Lbear: whatever

Kellybelly: gtg see ya!

9:00pm tuseday

Kellybelly: im so excited for tommorrow!

Lbear: woohoo...

Kellybelly: sarcasim?

Lbear: yes

kellybelly: well need my beauty sleep byeeee!!

6:00pm wednesday

Lbear: grrrr.... i cant believe you

Kellybelly: come on its know big deal

Lbear: are you kidding me its a huge deal was that your first time tell me it was you first time


Lbear: wrong anwser :(

Kellybelly: its not like i did coke it was just some weed

Lbear: just weed that is killing all your brain cells

Kellybelly: thanks mr.heller

Lbear: who?

kellybelly: the health teacher

Kellybelly: anyways i wasent planning on doing it but lil im really sorry

Lbear: dont be sorry to me be sorry to your self because once you die your gonna be like i shouldent have done that it wasent worth it

Kellybelly: i dont think ill be able to talk to my self when im dead

Lbear: KELLY MARCO im not kidding

Kellybelly: im really sorry but dinner bye!

Lbear: whatever

10:00pm wednesday

Lbear: shouldent you be in bed? dosent all that weed make you tired?

Kellybelly: are you ever gonna let this go?

Lbear: maby depends

Kellybelly: i said i was sorry

Lbear: are you ever gonna do it again?

Kellybelly: idk...

Lbear wrong anwser

Kellybelly: its not a big deal

Lbear: who ever taught you about drugs did a very bad job

Kellybelly: im gonna go to bed night!!

Lbear: night dont let the weed bugs bite

Kellybelly: very funny

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