A freshman year

well im stands for instant messanger. which is talking through the computer (typeing). This story is im im. this story is about kelly and her best friend lila and her boyfriend jake. its there first year of highschool and alot happend throughout the year. this story includs lots of drama and i hope you enjoy:)


1. first year of high school :(

7:00pm monday

kellybelly: Lila thank god you online!!!! i need help

Lbear: hey kel whats up?

Kellybelly: I have know idea what to were god help me *faints onto bed dramaticly*

Lbear: where something nice like a skirt and a top from hollister

kellybelly: *slaps forehead* duhhhh thanks lil welll gtg school xoxoxoxoxoxo good luck :)

Lbear: you too :)

4:00am monday

Lbear:i had the WORST day ever *slams head on desk*

Kellybelly: why? what happend?

Lbear: ryan heller sits in back of me in french :( and all he was talking about sex and was all lila did you have sex? will you have it with me?

Kellybelly: what an asswhole

Lbear: i know and then in gym the teacher was like partner up and i had no friends in that class so i just stood there like an idiot.

Kellybelly: poor lila im so soweyyy :(

Lbear: what about you how was your day?

Kellybelly: it was great actually Jake was in alot of my classes!

Lbear: oh the famous jake hows your boytoy treaten you?

Kellybelly: awsome hes like the best boyfriend ever!!!

Kellybelly: I mean hes ok

Lbear: yea right

Kellybelly: im sorry lil but ryan wanted to have sex with you right?

Lbear: come on kel just say it i dont have a bf i no and it sucks

Lbear: well i gtg see ya

4:30pm monday

jakeers: heyyy kelly i miss you

Kellybelly: aw jake your so sweet

Jakeers: i no lol so this weekend is big wanna know why?

Kellybelly: why?

Jakeers: you dont know why?

Kellybelly: i do but i wanna hear you say it

Jakeers: ITS OUR 1 MOUTH ANEVERSOURIE sorry i cant spell

Kellybelly: hahahahahahha good enough :)

Jakeers: so wanna hear what where doing?

Kellybelly: yesssssss!!!!

Jakeers: i am taking you out on a romantic dinner. then well have sex

Kellybelly: WHAT!!!!

jakeers: hahaha i was just kidding

Kellybellly: hahahha thats why i love you :)

Jakeers: cuz i was kidding?

Kellybelly: no cuz you funni hhahahhahah

Jakeers: well come to my football game tonight you can where my jersey:)

Kellybellly: ill see if lil can bring me cuz i still dont have a freaken car :(

Jarkeers:alright see you there:)

Kellybelly: byeeee

7:00pm monday

Kellybelly: finally your on

Lbear: you know you could text my phone

Kellybelly: i got mine taken away

Lbear: aw ok well whats up?

Kellybelly: we are going to a football game tonight:)

Lbear: kel no i gotta lot of stuff to do

Kellybelly: no excuses come and pick me up in half an hour byeeee!!

11:00pm monday

Lbear: well arent you on late

Kellybelly: yea i know

Lbear: that was so cute he put his jersey on you infront of everyone

Kellybelly:i no i was so happy!!! *claps happily*

Lbear: well im tired gonna go to bed good night xoxoxoxoxoxo

Kellybelly: nightyyyyyy xoxoxooxoxoxo *kisses*

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