you think you know every thing about me but you are clearly wrong.

Lauren McBride and her four best friends have known One Direction for about a year. every things perfect until the boys get a few scares not from her best friends but from her all from her. lauren hides most things from alot of people, sometimes even her best friends.


6. Preperation

After about a minute we all started to quietly walk down stairs. just to let you know lauren was wearing a brown bikini, black over the shoulder tee, and light blue jean shorts. Hope, being her crazy self, went with a mismatched look a black multicolored pocka dot top, rainbow with black pocka dot bottoms, nlack over the shoulder justice top. The four of us walked quietly and quickly down our hallway and into our kitchen,  i grabbed the bottle of water that i made last night and put it on the counter next to my sunglasses.  i went down to the beach room to get our pails, but they weren't there.

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