you think you know every thing about me but you are clearly wrong.

Lauren McBride and her four best friends have known One Direction for about a year. every things perfect until the boys get a few scares not from her best friends but from her all from her. lauren hides most things from alot of people, sometimes even her best friends.


9. MMG

i walked over to him and sat down on the bed.

"you awake, you should be sleeping."

" i'm alright love, i didn't ger in th late last night and on the bus i slept for two hours."

"so can i have my ever so precious pail back i need to get sharks teth before i can't find tham."

" you know how to find sharks teeth" harry said in a suprised tone.

" yeah, i learned from a lady on the beach aboutfour years ago while i was here with my family."

"thats, so cool, let me get changed, grab your pail and we can go and hunt for sharks teeth because i want to learn from you, Master Mermaid Girl."

~ MMG stands for Master Mermaid Girl~

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