you think you know every thing about me but you are clearly wrong.

Lauren McBride and her four best friends have known One Direction for about a year. every things perfect until the boys get a few scares not from her best friends but from her all from her. lauren hides most things from alot of people, sometimes even her best friends.


5. Maddie

When we saw each other we checked out eachothers outfits because we regullarly shared each others clothing, if it went with our outfit better than theirs. As i looked at the girls, you could tell they were looking at you or one of the others. Each outfit showed of her personallity, for example maddie was wearing her white peace sign top and her black peace sign bottoms. she wore a yellow over the shoulder shirt, with a pair of black jean shorts. to me this said, " i'm cute and out going but i'm also serious when needed."

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