you think you know every thing about me but you are clearly wrong.

Lauren McBride and her four best friends have known One Direction for about a year. every things perfect until the boys get a few scares not from her best friends but from her all from her. lauren hides most things from alot of people, sometimes even her best friends.


13. Explaining to the girls.

" hey girls harry decided to join us in shark tooth hunting today. So that he coulean how to reconise them while on tour and teach the other lads." I said distirbing their silence. I could tell that they flinched at the sound of harry's name." But this is our time, lauren. Why couldn't you just have him come with us later?" Questioned maddie in a baby voice." Because i took her beach pail and the only way she could get it back was to let me join you on this excursionof the beach and ocean that you obviously take every day at the same time." Said harry!
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