you think you know every thing about me but you are clearly wrong.

Lauren McBride and her four best friends have known One Direction for about a year. every things perfect until the boys get a few scares not from her best friends but from her all from her. lauren hides most things from alot of people, sometimes even her best friends.


16. boys: the tickle monsters

As we were approaching the house i could hear screams of laughter, instantly i knew that zayn was tickling bailey because, well, the sound. Next thing i knew harry crept up behind me and started to tickle my sides,"stop it harry!" i demanded. Out of the corner of my eye i saw the boys creaping up behind their girlfriends." look that girl has pancakes!" i screamed, poiting at a random woman. i felt harry's hands let go of my sides and all of the boys looked for a second.

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