Little Tomlinson

Hi I'm Louise, Im 20 going on 21 December 24. I am Louis Tomlinson's twin sister he is 15 minutes older than me. Unlike him I am short. I am 5,3 in a half feet tall. We both have straight brown hair and green eyes I basically look like a girl version of him. I have to go on tour with them. I like Harry he is my favorite. But louis, he is really protective of me. What will happen on tour? We there be drama, romance? Read to find out. ❤����������


3. Twitter wars between the Tommo twins

(Louise's Pov)

I woke up to a twitter notification that said " spending the day with my whittle sissy Louise"

Fuck him. I wrote "spending the day with 4 boys and Louis, the best fucking person every wait no that's me. (;"

"Oh Lou how I love you."

"No, Lou I love you."

" Lou, I thought you loved me," Harry wrote.

"Oh hazz, I love you too." Lou said.

" Hazza doesn't love me?" I wrote.

"Nonono Lou. I love you more." Harry wrote for me I got a mention.

"Noonelovesme " Lou wrote.

"You have me, El the rest of our fam and the boys Lou," I wrote.

#WeloveyouLou was now trending on twitter.

"Thanks guys wove you too," Lou wrote.

I got a lot of followers that day, more than Lottie and baby lux. Sweet. I followed a few people and then got up for the rest of the day.

Kinda pointless but whatevs better chapter soon.
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