Little Tomlinson

Hi I'm Louise, Im 20 going on 21 December 24. I am Louis Tomlinson's twin sister he is 15 minutes older than me. Unlike him I am short. I am 5,3 in a half feet tall. We both have straight brown hair and green eyes I basically look like a girl version of him. I have to go on tour with them. I like Harry he is my favorite. But louis, he is really protective of me. What will happen on tour? We there be drama, romance? Read to find out. ❤����������


2. Scaring and Calming

Louise Pov

When the boys went back in the living room it was 10 pm and we decided to watch a movie. I fast regretted because it was Woman in Black. I hate horror movies. When they put it in I had to sit on the ground, alone. I was fucking scared. When any scary part came I tended up and everyone laughed at me. I'm not that much like Lou I'm a lot more sensitive than him. I got upset because they laughed at me and Harry got up and picked me up bridal style and walked over to the couch and sat me on his lap. When any scary part came I hid my face in his chest and he stroked my back. Then when the movie was over everyone got up and left me. Alone. I was fucking scared. They left the lights off. I started to cry on the couch and then soon fell asleep.

Harry's Pov

It was cute how Louise reacted. I really liked her. I think she was the one. I found her laying on the couch terrified but sleeping. I picked her up rocked her then arrived her to my bed room. I layed her down then put sweat pants on myself so I wouldn't sleep naked by her. I wrapped my arms around her and then fell asleep.

Sorry it's short I am tired. Night.
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