Little Tomlinson

Hi I'm Louise, Im 20 going on 21 December 24. I am Louis Tomlinson's twin sister he is 15 minutes older than me. Unlike him I am short. I am 5,3 in a half feet tall. We both have straight brown hair and green eyes I basically look like a girl version of him. I have to go on tour with them. I like Harry he is my favorite. But louis, he is really protective of me. What will happen on tour? We there be drama, romance? Read to find out. ❤����������


1. Meeting the Boys 😘

(Louise's Pov)
Hi I'm Louise Tomlinson. Yes Louis Tomlinson's twin sister he is older than me an he calls me little Tomlinson I think it cute. Yes I am kinda unusual like him. I have an accent like his but mine is more girlish,(sp?) We both love carrots. We dress kinda alike to but I wear a more girl version of his style. I have like 504747629 pairs of toms. I have long naturally straight brown hair and blue eyes. Yes blue not green. They are bright blue and Louis always says he wants my eyes cause he doesnt like green eyes on him. I also have pink an black braces. I like singing too and Louis says I'm better than him but I get nervous in front of people. Well I get to meet Louis band mates today at 2:30 pm and right now it's half past 12 ( 12:30).

(Louis's Pov)
My sister and I get to spend the whole day with the boys. She gets to meet them for the first time and is really excited. She likes Harry. I don't want her getting hurt. I know Harry and his one night stands and I don't want seeing her hurt or I'll kill whoever does that to her. "Louise were leaving get ready." I get dressed in my blue and white striped shirt red skinny jeans gray tons and red braces ( suspenders). Louise comes down stairs in the same thing except she wears her long hair perfectly straight unlike mine witch is messy. I grab my phone and keys and she grabs her phone And I say " let's go." " okay." We both go in the car and I turn on want u back by Cher lloyd and we both sing really loud. When it's over we both laugh really loud when we get to Harry's house we go in and she is really excited I laugh at her childish behavior. Harry walks in and looks at me then Louise then me and back at her. Does he fancy her? No not happening I don't want her fragile heart broken by Harry and her being a one night stand. I send him a death glare and explain to Louise ill be right back.

(Louise's Pov)
I wonder what Harry and Louis are talking about I thought Harry looked really hot with his messy curls and cheeky smile. Oh I love him so much. ��When they returned Harry was sad and I don't know why I asked what wrong but he didn't answer, just silence. I started to tear up and ran to a random bedroom. I locked the door and sobbed. Niall was in there. "Love what's wrong oh yeah sorry I'm Niall what's your name?" "Louise," I mumbled and he hugged me. I sobbed into his chest. I don't even know why I was crying. "What's wrong?" "I honestly don't know," I said and started to giggle.

(Naill's Pov)

When someone walked into the bedroom I was shocked I didn't know what was wrong and I think she is Louis's sister. When she started laughing it was adorable. I smiled at her and them we both walked out of the room.

(Louis's Pov)

When Lou came back she had mascara marks on her cheeks and her eyes were swollen. What happened. I got mad at Niall because he was with her. But when they were holding hands I was just pissed at him. Well I haven't explained to them that she is off limits so I relaxed a bit. When Zayn and Liam arrived I introduced Louise to everyone. She knew everyone already because she has all of them on her walls. "Hi I'm Liam." "Hi I'm Zayn." "Hi I'm Harry." "I know,"she said then fast started blushing.��aww someone has a crush on someone. "Boys can I talk to you?" They followed me into the kitchen and I explained to them home Louise was off limits and she will definitely not be a one night stand to any of them.
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