Seven words. Some secrets are meant to be kept.


3. Note to *blank*.

MY LAPTOP FINALLY WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOOOOO!!!!!!!! Any who, I just wanted to say that I'm amazed at how many people put this book on their favorites. And I got some news that you guys are gonna love. 

1) A Friend.

Otay, so I need 2 people for the story. A boy and a girl. I can't think of what my best guy friend (the one with no name) is gonna look like nor his name. So if your a guy directioner (or you know one) please leave your (or his) 





Same with the girls. Oh and I'll update tomorrow. If I can.

2) Secrets.

So I'm just wondering if I should give away a secret (cause there's many) in the 3rd chp, or should I just wait for a while. I know y'all have been waiting for a long time for the 3rd chp, but gonna have to wait a little while longer. But just to be a bitch and all here's a little secret from the story. There's a guy." whispers in your ear. That's all I'm giving away. Like I said, I was gonna be a bitch. Please don't tell Paul I'm saying bad words. He doesn't like it.


Me: *hides behind Zayn* Don't tell Paul I'm here.

Z: OK. But you have to make me breakfast in bed.

Me: Deal.

P: Found you!!!! 

Me: *Screams and runs for Niall's dressing room* Help!!

N: Paul?

Me: Yeah.

N: Get in the closet.

Me: *gets into closet*

N: Where's my kiss? *puppy dog face*

Me: *kisses him goes back into closet* 

P: Niall have you seen your girlfriend.

N: Yeah. She told me something about going to the club and hiding.

P: *sigh* I'll be back in an hour.

N: OK. 

P: *leaves* 

N: Coast is clear.

Me: Thank god I have a boyfriend as good as you.

N: And thank god I have a girlfriend as hot as you.

Me: *gasp* Who is she? -sarcasm-

N: Well, she's your age. Same height. But she has a much better sense of humor then you. -sarcasm-

Me: She sounds familiar. Is it Demi. I always thought you two made a good couple. -more sarcasm-

N: It's not Demi. It's you.

Me: Great way to ruin the moment.

N: *pulls me into a kiss*

J: Did you touch my drum set?

Me: *pulls away* Bye. Gotta run. Love ya!!! *Runs out of room*

(^ not prt of story ^ just my short story that I'll put in the end of evry chp.(if you want me to))


        ps: I also need a name for y'all. So give me suggestions. 

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