Seven words. Some secrets are meant to be kept.


27. Last Chapter -Chapter 19-


Last chapter guys, don't hate me... or kill me. I know some of you are asking me not to end it but i haf to. I'm probs not gon be on for a really long time and I'm going to get writers block after this chapter.  I'm really sorry and i love you guys. And for the record, this chapter and the 2 before it were pre-written... All I had to do was publish it. Well, this is bye.... for now.... maybe... I don't wanna go... but i haf to... but i dont want to... but there's nothing else i ca write after this that will make it suck. Anyways here you go. :''( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(   </3 </3 </3 </3 


 Niall's P.O.V

It's been 6 years since Kalli's death and I still haven't gotten over here. I've tried dating but I never hit it off with anyone. After Kalli's funeral Zayn just seemed to be in depressed for a really long time but after a few months he proposed to Perrie and was happier in no time. Louis and Eleanor got married a year after. Louis didn't go to the funeral, he didn't want to believe she was dead that she was gone on vacation... but after 3 months he finally believed she was dead and it devastated him. Liam met a girl names Brooklyn and they really hit it off. They got married last year. Harry and Makenna went kept dating and ended up getting married. The band broke up after a year, but we stayed in touch. The band really wasn't the same after we met Kalli and especially after she was gone. 

I've wanted to kill myself a few times but that wouldn't do anybody any good. Louis almost did but we stopped him. He REALLY wasn't the same after her death. He kinda went insane for a while but El really got him back on track. Liam somehow managed to keep all of us away from sharp objects unless we needed to use them. 

Right now I'm walking down the street to go back to my apartment. I get there and after i close the door and look in front of me i think im dreaming. I pinch myself to make sure i'm not. In front of me i see Kalli dressed in white... and behind her she has wings.

"Am I dreaming?" i ask.

"No Niall." she says, sounding angelic. "I'm here to tell you 2 things. First of all it's not your fault. I made the decisions to save you, you didn't know the car was coming."

"Whats the second thing?" i ask her.

"It's not your time yet. I know what you were going to do. Please don't. Live your life a little. Be free." she tells me.

"I can't. I can't move on. I miss you like hell." i tell her walking towards her.

"Niall you will move on. I wish i could stay here with you but I can't. I miss you so much, more than you can imagine. Which is why i became your guardian angel. I can always watch over you. And when you finally go, I'll be here waiting for you." she tells me.

"What about James?" he asks.

"I found out that he didn't make it up here." she says

"Oh. I'm so sorry." i tell her.

"Its otay." she says. She looks up and looks sad. She looks back at me and says "I don't have very much time, and neither do you. But please don't rush it."

"Wait, please don't go." i tell her hugging her.

"Good bye." She says and disappears.

*2 Months Later*

I keep having the same dream over and over again. My encounter with Kalli replaying in my head over and over again. I decide to tell Liam so I text saying that I needed to talk to meet me in the park and he text back asking if it was fine if the rest of the guys came too. I told him it was fine and i headed toward the park. When I got there I told them what happened that day and about my dreams, but before they answer i hear 5 gun shots.


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