Seven words. Some secrets are meant to be kept.


19. Important Note... Please Read

Im in love with For The Love Of A Daughter by Demi Lavato... and I'm crying right now. I've had a rough day today and im listening to Demi Lavato and Avril Lavigne songs. They're my saviors. It's sad how it's the day after my birthday and I've already had a rough day and I'm cryng... couldn't my family waited till Monday where i can easily mask it the next day. Anyways I'm not in a good position or mood to right a chapter today... maybe tomorrow. Tomorrow if i do update you're going to here For The Love Of A Daughter a lot in the next chapter. Now I'm going to crawl under my blankets listening to For The Love Of A Daughter on repeat until i cry myself to sleep. Good night. Love y'all. <3 (<--for y'all) </3 (<--but its really like this) :'(

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