Seven words. Some secrets are meant to be kept.


7. Chapter 6

Now I'm gonna confuse you guys like hell cause I feel like it. *evil laugh*


I woke up from a very peaceful dream about Niall. I groan, accidentally waking up Niall.

"What's the matter love?" He asks me, turning to face towards me.

"I keep having this recurring dream about you." I tell him, facing him.

"O really?" He asks, raising an eyebrow flirtatiously.

"Not that type of dream!" I tell him while hitting him with my pillow.

"I wasn't thinking bout that but know that you mention it--" his words get interrupted by my pillow in his face.

"Ok. Ok. What happened in the dream?" he asks me.

"Well you guys were singing a song, I don't remember which song it was, and making a music video and you guys were having a lot of fun. I really don't remember much. I do remember my brother being the craziest there and a giant plastic banana and y'all wearing tight shirts. And at some point y'all got in a pool and the some shirts came off, others became see through, and some became even tighter." I tell him. (A/N the banana!!!!! I love that banana!!!!!! I love that video!!!!!!!)

"What happened to my shirt?" he asks me

"I'm not sure. I don't remember much of the dream." I tell him. 

"Okay, well lets go eat some breakfast." he says and I agree.

We get to the kitchen and the rest of the boys are there, whispering. I say 'hi' to them and they all get really quiet and ignore me. Revenge starts boiling inside of me. They gonna get it. They have no clue who there messing with. I ignore them, except for Niall, who's actually talking to me. I go to living room after I've eaten and watch some. The boys talk to Niall and HE starts ignoring. I call Emilie to come pick me up. I go get dressed and wait for her. After 15 minutes there's a knock on the door.

"I GOT IT BOYS!!!" I yell even though they're right next to me.

I open the door and Emilie's there. "Hey gurl." I say.

"Hey gurl." she replies.

"Lets go. I'm famished." I tell her.

We go to her car and she drives to Nando's. We go in, sit down and order or usual. We talk about random stuff, like always.

"Wanna confuse someone?" I ask her.

"How?" she asks.

"Like old time." I tell her.

"Sure." She says and we wait for our waiter.

When she comes I say, "Excuse me do you know if there are any good bitches around here?"

"Ummm.......what?" she says, her cheeks turning red whilst putting our food in front of us.

"Well we went to the bitch a couple of days ago, but it was full of beaches. And there was this little girl there, she was actually nice, and she gave me a shit of paper. But it was drawn all over, so it was just a piece of sheet." I tell her, me and Emilie start laughing. She finally catches on to what we were doing and laughs along with us.

"Good one. How did you guys come up with that?" she asks us.

"We're not sure. We where on the bus and were talking 'bout regular words that sound like bad words and we just came up with that sentence." Emilie tells her. 

"Okay, well enjoy your food." she says, walking away.

We eat our and talk about more random stuff. "So why were the boys ignoring you?" she asks me.

"It was about something that happened yesterday." I tell her.

"Can you tell me what happened?" she asks, hesitantly.

"Yeah. What had happened was...."

*FLASHBACK* (A/N Now you'll understand some things.) 

"Hey Kalli?" I turn towards him. "Do I have something on my lip?" he asks.

"Yeah. You do." I tell him.

He licks his lips seductively and turns around. Damn that boy and his Irish charm. I go back search through the cabinets when a pair of strong arms wrap around my body. I start giggling. He pushes my hair back and starts kissing my neck. I turn around and press my lips against his. Just kissing turns into a heated make out session. He pushes me again the wall. Where the fuck are the boys. Oh who cares? Not me.

We pull away and keep our foreheads pressed. "I wonder where the boys are." he says.

"Me too. If anything they would've heard us." I tell him, making him blush.

"I'm still hungry." he says, walking to the fridge. "Want some pasta?" 

"Sure." I tell him, sitting on the counter.

"Kalli what happened to your hair?" Zayn asks me, coming in with the rest of the boys in tow.

I shriek and run to the bathroom. I look at my hair in the mirror and see that it's perfect. I go back in the kitchen and see 5 laughing boys.

"Well, I wanna congratulate y'all for pranking me." I tell them. "Harry could you come with me for a second." He nods, still laughing, and fallows me.

I take him to his room, close the door and hug him. He's a little surprised, but hugs me back. Then I knee him where it hurts. "Don't try pranking me again. Or you'll get something worse then this." I tell him.

He nods and I go get Liam, then Louis, Zayn, and finally Niall. I forget to close the door and I start kissing him. He kisses back and then I hear someone say, "So he gets a kiss but we get kicked in the balls?" in the doorway.

I pull away and see that it was Harry who said that. "No, he gets both." I tell him and kick Niall before he could run. "Don't try that again, cause you guys don't know who your messing with. I know everything about you guys. So don't. Try. Me." I say, threatening. 

"OK." they all say, scared yet angry.


"And they didn't like that me and Niall are together, so they're ignoring me." I finish.

"Now that's just stupid. Why would they not want you two together." she asks me.

"Cause they met Alex and didn't like her. They think I'm gonna change Niall, which you know I would never do." I tell her.

"I know girl. It's sad. Really sad. But you two are gonna still be together, right?" she says.

"I don't know. I mean how can you end something that never even started?" I tell her. 

"I don't know. God, we say 'I don't know' a lot!!!!" she says and I agree. "I think we need to go shopping to cheer you up." 

"Yup." I say.

"But not like the girly girls!!!" we say at the same time and laugh.

We pay for our food and decide to walk to the mall. We get there and she decides to get me some 'colorful' clothes. We go to Forever 21 and look for some clothes for me.

Niall's P.O.V

We decide to go to the mall and look for some outfits for tonight. The thing at the club got pushed back a day so now it's today and we have nothing to wear. We pass Forever 21 and I see a girl that looks like Kalli, but it can't be her sine she's wearing something colorful and Kalli never wears like something colorful.

We go into different stores and we buy a lot of new clothes than we wanted to. 


It's 9pm and Kalli's not back yet. I mean I know we started ignoring her and she left because of that, but she doesn't have to make us worried for it. Yeah we're ALL worried about her. Zayn's the worst of all us. She won't pick up her phone so of course he's gonna be worried.

"Niall, you try calling her." he tells me.

"OK." I tell him and get my phone out of my pocket.

I call her and we all hear a phone ringing in my room. We walk in and see Kalli's phone on the bed.

"Of course she left her phone. She's irresponsible like that." Zayn says.

"Zayn, she could've left it by accident." Liam tells him.

"She's addicted to that thing. She wouldn't leave it anywhere unless she doesn't wanna be found." he says, harshly.

"GUYS!!!! I'M HOME!!!!!!" Kalli yells at us from the front door.

"WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?!" Zayn yells at her.

"I was--" "WHY DIDN'T YOU TAKE YOU PHONE WITH YOU?!" he interrupts her.

"Because I--" "COULD YOU BE ANYMORE CARELESS?!" he interrupts, again.

"Yes, I cou--" "YOU LEFT ME WORRIED SICK!!! Wait, what?" he says.

"1) I was shopping with a friend and then we went to the movies. 2) I forgot my phone since I was so angry at you guys. And 3) I can be more careless." she tells him.

"How?" he asks her.

"I wouldn't have come back. At all. Like never come back." she says.

"I.....but......and....." he says, speechless.

I wrap Kalli in a hug and she hugs back. I feel eyes staring at me but I don't let go. I notice her hair changed. It's black. Her natural hair color. 

"What'd you do to your hair?" I ask, pulling away.

"Oh. I dyed it back to it's natural color." she tells me.

"I like it." Harry says.

"Thanks. It really goes great with the outfits that I have." she says.

"Could you model for us?" Zayn asks.

"Can it be tomorrow? I'm really really really tired." she asks, yawning.

"How much shopping did you do?" Louis asks.

"A lot. But it helps that I'm rich." she says walking to our room.

"How are you rich?" we all ask at the same time.

"Really rich. I had a lot of jobs throughout the years. I had to save up for a car somehow." she says, while going to the bathroom with pj's.

"How many jobs?" Liam asks.

"2 or 3. Depended on the city I was in." she tells him, walking out of the bathroom and laying down on our bed. "Did you know that I was a stripper once?" she says, half asleep.

"YOU WERE A WHAT?!" we all yell at her.

"I'm kidding. I'm kidding. God, you guys take everything seriously. But I do dance like one." she says.

"And how do you know how to dance like that?" Zayn asks her.

"I don't know. I just." she say.

We wait for her to finish, but realize she's asleep. We say 'good night' and go to sleep.


It's true. I can dance like a stripper. And I can dance ghetto. I don't know how I do, I just do. But that just makes me even more epic. Being 12 is hard, man. Lots of homework that I don't do. lol anyways BYEE MY LITTLE TURTLES!!!!!!!!! 

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