Seven words. Some secrets are meant to be kept.


6. Chapter 5

Ok my little turtles, here is the LONG awaited chapter. I got caught up in school work and then my lp got taken away. But anyway's here's the next chapter.

Zayn's P.O.V

"Wake up!!! Wake up!!! WAKE!!!! UP!!!!" someone yells at me whilst I'm sleeping.

I groan. "What do you want?" I complain, not opening my eyes.

"For you to wake up!!!!" someone yells at me again.

"Why?!?!" I ask, stretching.

"'Cause you have an interview today!!! AND. YOUR. NOT. GOING. TO. MISS. IT!!!!!" Kalli? yells at me, pulling on my arm, dropping me on the floor.

"Owww!!!!" I say, rubbing my head and opening my eyes.

"You're lucky I didn't use the hard way." she tells me.

"The hard way?! You mean that was the easy way?!?!" I ask her.

"Yes. I have my ways." she says and leaves my room.

I get up and go back on my bed. I start getting comfortable when, "ZAYN!!!! GET YOUR ASS OUT OF YOUR BED!!!!!", Kalli yells at me from the kitchen.

I go to the kitchen and she smiles at me. I say good morning to the boys and they say it back. I get some breakfast and sit down next to Kalli. Niall sits across from her and they share a look. Harry sits at one of the heads of the table, and Louis at the other. Liam sits next to Niall and we all start eating. Kalli keeps looking at Niall and he keeps looking at her.What's going on here? They both start laughing and I look around the table to see if anyone got it. Nobody did. 

"What's so funny?" Liam asks them.

"Well.....and.....'" Kalli says in between laughs.

"That told us nothing." Louis says.

"'s just" She says again whilst laughing, again. 

"Still. Nothing." he says.

They don't stop laughing and Harry sneaks up behind Kalli and steals some of her food. Well, he tried to, but she flipped him before he could. 

"Don't. Touch. My. Food." she tells him.

"Now I'm scared of your sister." he says.

"You should be." me and Kalli say at the same time.

"Why aren't any of you ready?" Liam says, coming down the stair. When did he even go up to get dressed?

"I'm ready." Kalli yells.

She stands up and she's wearing a mini strapless black dress. Everybody looks shocked. Especially me.

"You are not wearing that to the interview." I tell her.

"Yes I am. I'm not appearing on there. It'll just make the fans go crazy and have my name on the top of their To Kill list." she says.

"That dress is on MY To Kill list." I tell her.

"*gasp* This cast me $29!!!!" she protest.

"Your still not wearing that." I tell her.

"Dfnskodnsnakjua" she mumbles.

Niall's P.O.V

Kalli goes up to her-our-room. She looked HOT in that dress. 

"Don't talk about my sister like that." Zayn say.

Can he read minds now?

"No, stupid. You're thinking out loud." he says.

"Oh. Ok." I say. Damn him. He glares at me.

"Is this outfit better?" Kalli asks, coming down the stairs wearing black ripped skinny jeans and a tank-top.

"Yes. Well boys, we need to get going." Zayn says.

We all go get dressed and wait for Paul. He gets here and Kalli looks surprised. We all get into the car and drive to the studio. Paul opens the door and we finally get to see (and hear) all the fans out there. Liam gets out first, then Zayn, Kalli, me, Harry, and finally Louis. Kalli gets a whole bunch of insults as we walk through the crowd. She looks unfazed. 

Hi Niall. I hear Kalli say, but in my head.

Hi? I answer back.

You can hear me? She asks, a little too excited.

Yeah. But, how come I can?

Both me and Zayn are telepathetic. I mean telepathic. That's why he can read your mind. He just can't communicate through the mind, like me.


"No. I just made that up. I've been behind you this whole entire time. You've just been spaced out and wanted to scare you." She whispers in my ear, making me jump.

"You know, I gotta say. You're really gullible." she says.

"I am not!!!" I protest.

"Look out behind you!!!" She yells. I turn around, trip and fall. She starts laughing and says, "See? What I tell you? You are gullible." She says.

She holds out her hand and I take it. She helps me up and we stand really close to each other. Her eyes keep flicking from my eyes to my mouth. I start leaning in and so does she.

"KALLI!!!! WHERE ARE YOU?!?!?!" Zayn yells, ruining the moment. (A/N Or so he thinks.)

She pulls away and starts walking away from me. I stand there and she turns around. Without making a single sound her face is suddenly bigger and her lips are on mine. I respond quickly and we both pull away for a breath.

"Shhhhhhhhhhh." she tells me, taking my hand and pulling me with her. She stops outside my dressing room and I go in and get changed while she waits for me outside.

Kalli's P.O.V

 Niall walks out wear a red polo and some red chinos. I laugh softly.

"What? Is my hair a mess?" he asks me.

"No. It's just your outfit." I tell him.

"It has a stain somewhere, right?" he asks me.

"No. It's perfect." I tell him.

"Then why are you laughing?" he say.

"Because I've seen you so many times in that outfit." I tell him.

"So you rather have me change?" he says.

"No." I tell him.

"Niall stop flirting with Kalli and come on." Louis says, winking at me.

Niall blushes and I try not to laugh. "You seen cheery today. What happened?" Zayn asks me.

"I looked at my reflection in the mirror and saw how hot I looked.

"Have you been spending some bonding time with Zayn lately?" Liam asks.

"No why?" I ask.

"Cause that is something that he would do." he replies.

"Well, I've been doing that my entire life. So maybe it just runs in the family." I tell them.

"Boys your on in 10." the producer tells them.

They take their places on the couch and Louis pulls me along with them. I'm about to get off the stage, but it's too late, so I just sit on the edge of the sofa.

"Hi boys." the interviewer says.

"Hi Sam." the boys say.

"And who might this be?" she asks them.

"This is Kalli. Zayn's sister." Louis says, putting an arm around my shoulder, since he's standing right next to me.

"I know that there are some fans wondering why we've never heard of or about you." She says.

"That would be because I kinda disappeared for a while." I tell her.

"Ok. Now who's single and who's not?" she asks the boys.

"I'm single." Harry says.

"Liam, what about you?" she asks.

"Well I'm taken by a beautiful dancer." he answers.

"Awwwww. Thanks Liam." I tell him, even though it wasn't me.

"I'm taken by a wonderful model." Louis say.

"Thanks Louis." I say, even though it's not about me.

"I'm taken by a wonderful singer." Zayn says.

I don't say anything so Sam asks me, "What happened to you voice?" not rudely, but more humorous.

"He's my brother.....and that would be too weird." I tell her.

"Good point." she turns towards Niall. "What about you, Naill? Are you single or taken?"

"I'm not sure. We still haven't made it official." he says.

"Can you give us a hint on who it could be?" she asks him.

"It's--" "Demi Lavato." I interrupt him. "I eavesdropped on a conversation they had and they where so lovey dovey it made me sick." I finish.

"Is this true Niall?" she asks him.

"Definitely not." I laugh quietly. "She just made that up. I mean look at her. She can't keep a straight face while she's lying." He say.

"I can too." I protest. "This was just too funny for me to hold it in. It's true I did make it up, but who wouldn't? They're perfect for each other." 

"It's true. But you two would make a cuter couple." Louis says.

"Agreed." Everyone (including the audience) says.

"Now we have some time for some more questions. Is it OK if the audience asks them?" she says.

"Yeah. It's alright." Liam says.

I kinda block them out since none of the questions were directed to me. The theme song for mostly and Mario game starts playing in my head and my mind goes blank (except for the song). The interview finishes and the song keeps playing over and over and over in my head. 

"Kalli are you okay?" Liam asks me.

"Yeah why?" I say.

"Cause you keep singing the theme song for almost any Mario game." He says, concern written all over his face.

"Oops. That happens a lot to me. Once I'm somewhere where I don't have to do anything that song comes on in my head and I'll start singing sometimes." I tell him.

"Really?" he questions.

"Yeah. It started In 7th grade. I was in advanced math doing some pre-algebra work that I had to do and my mind went blank and that song started in my head, but the thing is that I kept doing the work even though I wasn't actually think. And I still got the answers right." I tell him.

"That's impossible." he says, we start walking to the limo. 

"Nope. That happened on test and school work and homework and I got the answers correct. It kept going on until I got kicked out of my last school. I was pretty much a nerd and that's why I was so perfect at getting in trouble." I say

We go out the door and Liam signs some autographs and takes some pictures. I just walk straight to the limo and get in. I have to sit on Nialls lap since the boys thought it would be funny to put their feet up so I couldn't sit down anywhere else. Liam gets in and sits down next to Niall and we start moving. We make it back to the house and me and Niall go to the kitchen to find some food. Then something very interesting happens.


Sorry if the chapters a bit confusing. While I was writing this, the song started in my head and it wouldn't stop. O well.  Anyways, 4 1/2 comments and I'll post the next chapter. Bye my little turtles. Carrots and Nando's (hehe instead of hugs and kisses) to all of you. 

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