Seven words. Some secrets are meant to be kept.


5. Chapter 4

Niall's P.O.V

Then she kisses him.

Zayn's P.O.V

Harry kisses her.

Liam's P.O.V

They kiss.

Louis P.O.V

I start looking for the kitchen.

Harry's P.O.V

Kalli trips over my foot and we accidentally kiss. 

Kalli's P.O.V

Harry trips me and kisses me. He's actually a good kisser. Wait, what? No, I cannot be with Harry Styles. He's too much of a flirt and the fans would kill me. I pull away. "What was that for?" I ask rudely.

"What do you mean?" he asks me.

"You kissed me." I tell him.

"It was an accident." he replies.

"Am I supposed to believe that?" I ask sassy like.

"Yes, you are." he says.

"Well I'm sorry that I don't." I tell him with sass.

"He kissed you?" Zayn asks me.

"Yes." I say while Harry says "By accident."

"I don't know who's telling the truth." he says.

"Whatever." I say.

I was expecting him to start yelling at me, but I was surprised when hew said "What did you do that made mum so angry?"

"She thought I was doing drugs and drinking." I tell him.

"Did you?" he asks me.

"No. Well, kinda." I tell him.

"What do you mean by kinda?" he asks me a little angry.

"It was one drink. I didn't know it had alcohol in it." I lie. 

"Are you sure?" he asks me.

"Positive." i tell him.

"I'm thirsty. Can anybody get me something to drink?" Louis says, saving me from the wrath of my brother.

"Sure. I'll be right back." I say.

I go back into the kitchen and find some water for everyone. I come back out and everyone goes quiet. I pretend not to notice. "Here you go." I say while handing everyone water.

"Thanks." they reply.

An awkward silence falls. I try not to laugh. "What?" Niall asks me.

"What?" I say, fighting back laughter.

"You're trying not to laugh. Why?" he says.

"I thought of something funny." I tell them.

"What was it?" he asks again.

"You guys wouldn't get it." I say.

"Try us." he replies.

"Well, whenever you have an awkward silence a gay baby is born." I say.

"What?!" Zayn says.

"Exactly!!! You guys don't get it!!!" I tell 'em.

"Wait. So whenever you have an awkward silence a gay baby is born?" He asks me.

"Yes." I say.

"Where'd you learn this?" he asks me.

"In 7th grade, why?" I say.

"You learned a lot of things in 7th grade." Liam states.

"No. A lot of things happened in 7th grade." I say excitedly, then my face drops. 

"What else happened in 7th grade?" Louis asks.

"Ummmm. I moved back home. I got a bunch of awesome friends. Ummmmmm. I said a bunch of bad words. In front of teachers too. And I never got in trouble either. Ialsogotmyfristboyfriend." I tell them, saying the last part quickly.

"Cool. So did you get into a lot of trouble?" he asks me.

"Depends. Does flooding the school count?" I say.

"YES!!!!" he says surprised. "YOU FLOODED THE SCHOOL?" he asks me, still surprised.

"How do you think I got kicked out of my other school. Wait, that's how I got kicked out of elementary. Or was that the boarding school? I don't know. I got kicked out of a lot of schools." I tell them.

"Whoa. Hold up a sec. How many schools did you go to?" Zayn asks me.

"Well, there was my first elementary school. I got kicked out after the first semester. Then I went to another school for 1st-2nd grade." "Wait. Why did you stay for 2 years in a school when you got kicked out of the first one so quickly?" Louis interrupts me.

"Cause I kept trying to get in trouble, but I didn't have time to." I tell him.

"Then how'd you get kicked out?" He asks.

"Lets just say pulling the fire alarm when there's no fire gets you detention. Pulling it 5 times in a row when everybody's about to go in gets you kicked out." I say.

"You did what now?!" Zayn says.

"Let me finish. So then I went to the US for 3rd-6th grade. Mom didn't know what to do with me so she sent me over there. I still kept getting kicked out of school. 7th grade I went back to Bradford and then to London. Now I got kicked out of 9th grade and haven't gone to school for 2 months." I finish.

"We need to enroll you to a new school." Liam says. "And please don't try to get kicked out." he adds.

"Yes dad." I say.

He opens his mouth to say something but closes it quickly. I go on the stage and start singing one of their songs. They smile at me and I keep singing. I start doing a little dance which makes them laugh. Niall quickly catches on and dances with me. We sing a couple of duets and some with all of us. We go back to the house after a while. All the boys except Zayn (who's driving) fall asleep. 

"You should sleep." he says.

"Cant. I'm too hyper." I say.

"Then calm down." He say, chuckling.

"HA!!! That's not possible." I say. "But you know what I can do?" I ask him.

"What?" he says.

"I can talk really fast." I tell him.

"I don't believe you." He says.

"Well you should. I can show you." I tell him.

"Go ahead." he replies.

"Wellifyourgoingtoenrollmetoanewschool, canitbeagoodone, causemeandbulliesdontgowelltogether, butiftherearebulliesthere, thenyoumightwannagetusedtobeingcalledeveryday, causeimightgetintoalotoftrouble, butanyways, iloveyourmusic, whenareyougoingtomakethevideoforLWWY, causeiwouldlovetoknow, icouldbeinitanditwouldbeepicer, dontyathink?" I say really fast without taking a breather.

"Damn!!! You can talk fast!!! And sure, I'll ask if you can be in the video." He says.

"Really? Cause I only needed another topic to put in there." I tell him.

"Really? I thought we could bond over it." He says with fake hurt.

"That shit don't work on me, suga. And I really don't wanna be in that video. I'm gonna be hanging 'round with y'all and the fans gonna get cray-cray if I'm in that video." I say, very ghetto.

"What was that?" Niall asks me from the back.

"That was me being ghetto." I say.

"Whats ghetto?" Harry asks.

"Being black. Racism not included." I say.

"Not all black people talk like that." Louis says.

"I know. But I'm very ghetto. 'specially when I dance." I say.

"What do you mean?" Liam says.

"I dance ghetto. Now I can't explain how to dance it, but I could show you. But only if we go to a party or club, no way I'm dancing it before." I say.

"We could go to a club tomorrow." Niall say.

"I'm not taking her there. We'll get Eleanor or Danielle to babysit her." Zayn says.

"Hell to the no. I do not need a babysitter." I say quickly.

"Fine. Someone to take care of you." he corrects himself.

"Whatever. At least I'll be spending time with a girl and" I say.

We get to the house in silence and we all get ready for bed. I turn my back towards Niall and he tries to wrap his arms around me. I glare at him and he faces the other way. I can't believe it's 4 am. I shouldn't have sneaked out to hang out with some of my friends. At least I didn't get caught. Hopefully. I'm so tired. I fall asleep and dream, strangely, of Niall. 

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